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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Faking Orgasm

Calm down, this is a make-up blog, so I can't be talking about anythig else than a perfect dupe for the very popular blush from NARS - Orgasm :-). I use this shade quite a lot, because it creates an impression of a fresh face, as if I was able to sleep long hours, even if that is not the case. 
As soon as I saw this blush from Bourjois - 33 Lilas d'Or, I knew it was going to be very similar to NARS's Orgasm, but I didn't know how much, until I compared them at home. 

Here are some swatches - from left to right - Benefit's Coralista (for comparison, more pinkish with no golden accents), Bourjois's Lilas d'Or and NARS' s Orgasm:

If I had to find a difference between the two latter mentioned, I would say, that after repeated application of Lilas d'Or, you get a more intense shade with more golden accent than with Orgasm. Otherwise I would say, that the overall results from these two blushes' application is very similar.  

Have you got a perfect dupe for your favourite products?


  1. Great post! I might try the Bourjois one, I dont have the Nars one but have heard so much about it. Looks so similar.

  2. Thanks a lot for leaving your comment. It's the first one I've ever got, so I really appreciate it :-).