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Monday, 18 October 2010

Playful PUPA

I know the italian cosmetic company PUPA especially through the toylike packaging that they use for some of their products. They look something like the make-up palettes that we used to play around with as little girls. And some of them don't even look like make-up at all.

I like them. I mean, I am all into the classical, sophisticated-looking, golden, grown-up make-up packagings, but I can't object against cute-looking, childhood-evoking, colourful make-up toys.  

But those are not what I purchased by my last visit to one of the Pupa stores. I bought these:

These strangely looking spaceshiplike thingies are in fact eyeshadows in colours 05, 03 and 01:
They are marketed as "two shades with just one stroke". This means that you should take the little sponge pictured below, sweep it over the colors and then over your eyelids.

Now, I really like the colours, how soft and easily blendable they are, but I don't get this way of application. I mean, and that's only my opinion,  this is not a way to apply a great looking eye make-up. I have to admit, that I haven't even tried it out, but I am an old-school make-up brushes user and I don't see this happening in my near future :-).

To the colours. I picked up three combos - 01, 03, 05:

These are nicely soft, fairly pigmented, the colour intensity is buildable and I would have bought more combos, if they were not sold out at that moment. 

The next little "ufo" is a baked eyeshadow in number 18. The colour is nicely intense, but it's not as soft as the duos and you get more fallout from it. This can be applied wet and dry - and I think the wet application can avoid the fall-out problem. 

But, in fact, I don't mind eyeshadow fall-out that much. I have a little trick that I use by every eye make-up application. I put a fair amount of baby powder under my eyes, which catches all the unwanted fall-out and after I'm done, I sweep the powder with all the fall-out gently away with a fine fan brush. And voilĂ , no dark circles under my eyes.

At last, what I find really lovely is the one velvety baked blush which I purchased. The colour is number 02, it is a tone-in-tone shade in comparison to my skin and I think the colour is sooo pretty. Malheuresment, the colour is hard to capture in the picture. 

Hmmm... These products are really fun to play with and I will sure go back for more. I am keeping my eye on one of the matrioskas ;-)...


  1. Really lovely things - I love the packaging of the PUPA items.