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Sunday, 17 October 2010

What Can Make You Shine

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, skin illuminators - especially the fluid ones - were not much on my radar until a couple of weeks ago. In fact I am not sure why, because who (at least from the feminine part of the world) wouldn't love the idea of a fresh, healthy-looking, illuminated, light-catching skin. Well, I do!

That's why I am - needless to say - very tempted by all the products, that promise to (and certainly will ;-)) make my skin look like this:

                                                                     Pic source: here

This is when my two Boots No 7 illuminators come into play. I was indecisive about which colour to buy, so I bought both of them - Pink and Peach. The pink one for a nice frosty and wintery look, the peach one for a glowy, bronze-y, more summery look. From what I saw in several Boots stores around London, the peach colour is the more popular one - I only saw two tubes in like, five Boots stores, of which one is now by me at home :-). 


Photographed without flash - left Pink, right Peach:

I don't think that the picture makes them justice, I find them much prettier in real life. The easiest way to use them is to mix them with foundation, but you can also dab a small amount of the colour after the foundation applicaton on those places, where you want the light to be reflected. Like the eyebrow bone or cheekbones. 

One thing I don't like about these is their packaging. I don't mean the tube, but the brush for their application. The product is being squeezed from the tube through a brush, which is non-detachable from the tube. I don't think that using this brush is the most convenient way to apply a skin illuminator. In my opinion, the product is only wasted in the brush hairs - so I always try to get the bristles out of the way and scoop out the fluid without leaving much of it in the brush hairs. 

Other than this, I like their colours, I like their texture and I definitely like the idea that they make me look like a red-carpet glowing A-list star. That's what the advertising world can do with one make-up-loving woman ;-)...

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