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Friday, 17 December 2010

The Body Shop and Zara

A couple of weeks ago, I was blogging about the H&M Luxury Body Butter, that moisturises the skin perfectly, but doesn't leave it greasy, because it soaks into it right after the application. Lately, I have discovered a moisturiser, that does the same thing for my face. 

Skin Primer Moisturise It from The Body Shop:

My skin is on the drier side, especially now, during the winter months and this cream with a very light consistence works nicely for me, but I think it might be an ideal moisturiser for women with a more oily skin as well. On the packaging it says it's a primer, but it is not a primer with consistence like, let's say, Smashbox's Photo Finish. It does not leave that smooth film of some base on your face - it really is a moisturiser, that soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it prepared for a foundation application. I really like the feeling, when I use it in the mornings and my dry skin feels great in an instant.

While looking for some Christmas presents, I've found a "present" for me as well. I was hesitant about buying it, since I tought it was a bit too "loud" for me, but since I am not affraid of some little fashion experiments,  I've given up to my inner calling for something more extravagant and purchased this:

It's a spring/fall coat from Zara and I love it. I like animal prints, but usually in smaller clothing pieces, like a blouse or a scarf. This coat is quite a statement piece, but can be toned down with some plain clothes, like black pants, black turtleneck and simple accessories. Can't wait to wear it once the winter is gone. 
Have a nice weekend :-)!

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