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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Make-up Ramblings

If you are looking for a naturally looking blush, which still looks fabulous, leaving you with a subtle flush, you might be looking for NARS's Penny Lane. I just love the color. 

Penny Lane is a lovely pinkish/peachy cream blush, which I imagine to be the perfect blush tone for a porcelain doll :-). The color is just gorgeous and can be layered for more intensity or used in a small amount for a very subtle effect. But even when used with a heavier hand, it never looks overdone (in my opinion :-)).

I usually apply it with a small stippling (duo fiber) brush, something like MAC 188 (I've got SS 188 from Sigma, now with a new number F 55). The little spots on the blush in the pictures are from the brush :-). 

 Me wearing Penny Lane. 

Accidentally I have also stumbled upon some eyeshadows, that might be worth mentioning. Both being L'oreal are available in regular drugstores. 

This trio (pic below) is called Color Appeal Trio Pro in Addictive Plum (No 402) and comes from a collection of eyeshadows which were developed to suit various eye colors. The collection uses a simple theory of colors. The theory can be demonstarted on a color wheel, which shows - in this case - the primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (violet, green, orange) colors and their further mixes. The colors, which lie in opposite directions are complementary colors and when put side by side, they enhance each other, they look more vibrant.

Based on this theory, this trio is meant to suit especially green-eyed women. Green eyes accentuated with these colors are supposed to look even greener and more noticable. Yes, you are right, I don't have green eyes :-), but the complementing colors for my (brown) eyes are especially blues and greys and I wasn't very interested in those.

This next eyeshadow is a Color Appeal in Metal Plum (No 153) and comes from the same color family as the trio above. It's an eyeshadow with a metallic finish, as the name already indicates and being of a lovely lilac color, it was a reason good enough for me to purchase it. I really like the metallic sheen it gives without being full of glitters.

The metallic eyesadow all over the lid and the darkest color from the trio used for the crease. (Not the best picture, since done with a cell phone camera...)

I hope that everyone is having great a Christmas time / holidays!

More later :-)...

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