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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Angels On Bare Skin

Do you want your skin to be clean, smooth and baby-skin soft? Who wouldn't, right? I've discovered a product that can deliver that.

It was quite a coincidence that I bought this product in Prague some weeks ago. I didn't mean to buy a cleanser at that time, but as it happens quite often, that I walk into LUSH shop with an intention to buy just one particular product, but walk out with at least five of them, this is how I ended up with this oddly looking cleanser in my shopping cart.

It's a paste called Angels on Bare Skin, smells quite strangely, but leaves your skin so soft that the word "angelic" comes to one's mind.

You really only need an amount in the size of a pea to clean your whole face. You mix this tiny piece of the paste with water between your fingers, massage your face with it, rinse the excess of product with warm water and voilá, you can feel the difference in an instant. 

Since this is a freshly made product, it should be used up in up to three months. 

There is not much more to say about this than that I really can recommend it if you wish for your skin to be smoooooth and soft. This makes a great difference in a make-up application, since nothing can compensate for the skin smoothness when you need your foundation to look like it's-no-make-up-it's-just-my-skin-looking-so-great :-).

Have a lovely weekend!

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