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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

L'oreal Color Infaillible Eye-shadows

Do you wish for an eye-shadow, that is a bit sparkly, with some metallic sheen to it and which is able to be layered for a more intense look for when you wish so? If you have answered these questions with "yes", you might like L'oreal's Color Infaillible eye-shadows.

I've picked up two colors from the range that was available in the drugstore I went to (6 in total I think, but I also think there are more colors out there :-) - I've got No. 2 Hourglass Beige and No. 12 Endless Chocolate.

The consistence of these eye-shadows is somewhere in the middle between pressed and loose. Slightly pressed, but not really loose :-). 
These colors promise to be long-lasting and very intense, but since I still have to see if they really are so long-lasting, I personally don't think they are overly intense. The color is definitely buildable, but you won't get the greatest intensity from just one layer of the color. On the other hand, layering of the color leads to a pretty intense effect. 

The color looks fantastically intense when applied with one strong sweep on a hand, but to achieve the same effect on an eye-lid requires some color layering.

Photographed with flash and on a close-to-direct sunlight:
Applied on UDPP, 
- other eye-shadows used: 
  GOSH white matte eye-shadow, 
  beige eye-shadows from the Golden Rose cosmetics Wet & Dry palette No. 04,
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack,
-  L'oreal Double Extension mascara.

...I really like the end result.

Whole looks - both time wearing L'oreal Color Infaillible eye-shadows:

Have a great day and have a look at these eye-shadows - they might be worth purchasing :-).

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