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Monday, 7 March 2011

L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum

It's months ago that I was using Talika Lipocils - the eyelash conditioning gel, that was supposed to make my eyelashes thicker and fuller. At that time I was having some problems with my eyelashes - after a cosmetician applied (probably) too much glue to a row of false eyelashes I wore to a ball, I lost some of my eyelashes and needed them to grow back - as quickly as possible :-). At that time I already had Talika Lipocils at home and I have to say, I think it really made my eyelashes grow longer (I am not sure if thicker).

Since then I haven't repurchased Talika - I just didn't come around it. But on Saturday as I was shopping for some boring regular stuff in a drugstore, my eyes fell on the L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum, that is not really new on the market, but since I had Talika Lipocils, I didn't get this one.

Now that my Talika Lipocils is gone (and I am not saying  I won't be getting another one :-), I've got myself the L'oreal's serum and will be curious if that does it's job. In fact, it doesn't promise anything on the tube. It only says - apply twice a day, mornings and evenings, not even how to apply it.

In comparison to Talika, which has a regular brush like a mascara, L'oreal's serum comes with a wand in the shape of a half-moon. I only assume, that you are supposed to apply it to the eyelashes' roots, since that's where the growth happens. 

So, now I'll be curious if this serum works. There isn't written on the tube after what time I should be seeing some results, so I'll give it about a month and see what this product (for 16,98 Euros ) brings.

Here are my eyelashes this morning. I am not wearing any mascara, but they are a bit wet since I just applied the serum on. Let's see the (hopefully major) change in about a month :-).

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