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Sunday, 21 August 2011

If you are looking for a great shampoo...

... and conditioner, search no more. 

If you are looking for a great shampoo and conditioner, you're like me. I am always on a hunt for a shampoo and especially a conditioner or a hair mask, that would change my tired curly hair into the beautiful bouncy curls we all know from TV ads. 

I am not saying I have discovered this probably non-existent magic remedy, but the Schwarzkopf's GLISS KUR Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin Complex does make my hair softer, shinier and healthier. It promises to help with hair that is damaged and dry (hello, my hair) and it promises to eliminate even an extreme damage done to hair with help of its triple dosage of said liquid keratin complex. 

I was originally seduced to buy these hair products because of their packaging. The black color makes me feel like I am getting a heavy-duty product that's going to do its work. Sounds stupid :-)? Maybe, but the Schwarzkopf's design department had to do something right :-). 

What I like about the SHAMPOO is, that already the shampoo makes my hair feel soft while washing it. Shampoos usually tend to clear hair of all the styling products buildup and other possible dirt, but they leave my hair somehow coarse and dry. This shampoo softens my hair even before the conditioner usage. 

The CONDITIONER (not in the picture) and HAIR MASK are really good. I tried many hair balms and masks in my life and these compare to the professional ones, that usually cost X-times more that drugstore products. In fact, they are even better than some of the pricey products I tried in the past.

If I have time, I put the mask on my hair for a couple of hours, sometimes even the whole day if I am just lazing around at home and let it do its job. I do this with all the hair masks and treatments - at least once a week, if the time allows me to. Deep conditioning is a basic step to healthy hair (not ruining them with tons of hair color and bleach helps too :-))...

Since the shampoo, conditioner and mask are really good ones, I bought the Ultimate Repair Regenerating Express Leave-In Balm (big bottle) and the Ultimate Repair and Gloss Leave-In Treatment (small bottle). I don't thing you need both of them. The first one is a liquid leave-in balm, the second one is a combination of a balm and gloss. I prefer the smaller one, I think it's somehow more concentrated, although it's only my personal feeling, it doesn't say anything like that on the bottle. I use it on my entire hair after I towel it dry. It makes it softer and easier to comb through. 

The bottom line: if your hair is dry, damaged, or coarse and you are on a budget (hell, even if you are not), this hair products set is worth trying out. 

Do you have a tip for a great hair product?


  1. Hi,I was wondering whether you put the Ultimate repair and Gloss Leave-in Treatment on your hair only when it is wet or you also put it when it is dry. Thank you!

    1. Hi Evgenia! I prefer to use it on damp hair, but if I feel my hair is too frizzy or dry on the second/third day after washing it, I might use it on dry hair as well. But I try to avoid the roots and put it just on the ends, because the roots can get oily (and lose volume).