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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It has been about two years now...

...that I was realizing my nails were getting weak, very breakable and even a slight attempt to let them grow a bit ended up with a terribly looking broken nail that looked like I didn't care for them at all. After trying out a hundred things unsuccessfully, including special nail polishes, cuticle creams and vitamins for better hair and nails, I ended up going to a manicurist and getting gel nails. The motivation was my wedding, since I didn't want to sport my terrible nails in pictures of our wedding bands and I don't regret it at all. 

The nails are made as if I had a french manicure, so even if not lacquered, they look pretty and manicured. They are a bit grown out at the moment, I have to go back for a regular correction, but otherwise I really enjoy this dramatic change. Well, dramatic for me :-).

Cool metallic blue, like sea after a summer storm. S.he nail polish in No. 275 - without flash...
 ...with flash:

 One of my favorite summer colors ever - Orly Pixy Stix. Love it.

I am litreally living in these this summer. They are comfy like slippers, but stylish and go with nearly everything. DKNY.

Now, this caught me unprepared. This is the first time in my life that I discovered someone selling  notebooks for the upcoming year in August. It made me feel a bit depressed. I still hope for a couple of hot summery days, which are rather rare this summer :-/ and this made me think of winter and cold which I'm not a great fan of... Nevertheless, I bought these two, since I find them cute anyway.

See you soon :).

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  1. i LOVE those polishes!