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Monday, 15 August 2011

Italy and Croatia Haul, Part I

I love bags. Especially big, oversized, statement bags. Structured bags, boho bags, slouchy bags... you name it. I have many. I don't need another one. So, of course, as I was in Venice and Zadar (Croatia) I bought three. *hides shame behind an innocently looking face*

The first one is something I usually go for. I am never tired of this style. Big, slouchy, calf leather bag in python look. Bought in Venezia. This one is BIG. Exactly what I like. I can carry in it everything I need. And more. And in fact, I do carry in it everything I need as well as a ton of stuff I don't really need, but since the bag is so big, why leaving all the stuff at home, right? ;-)

The second one is a bit of an opposite to the first one, but I like it just as much. Ladylike leather bag in reptile look. This one is very elegant, in my humble opinion and what's important, it's still big enough, so that I can carry all the unneeded stuff around with me..., you've already got the idea... :-).

The third bag is a grass-green leather briefcase-like bag. A summer version of a black and brown classics, if you need just a pop of color for a plain outfit or maybe to keep up with the trend of the color block fashion. The style is probably most suitable for an office or a similar office-like environment. The bag is big enough to carry A4 documents and papers, quite sturdy in its construction, but not really heavy, so it won't add up to the possible weight of said paperwork.

... yeah, I am quite aware of my little problem :-). Bags are something I can't really resist. As I see one I like, one I really like, it's hard not to give in to my bag obsession. As Oscar Wilde said, "I can resist everything except temptation." ;-)...

But I try :-).

Is there anything you can't really resist buying even if you know you shouldn't really... :-)?

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