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Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Quick Tip

Do you sometimes have problems with eyeshadow fallouts? Eyeshadows and pigments can be sometimes pretty messy. It doesn't take much and you end up with dark smudges under your eyes, that don't want to go away and every attempt to get rid of them makes them somehow more blended into the skin.

There are more ways to avoid this, one of them being to apply the foundation after the eye make-up is done, but I don't prefer it this way. What I like to do is no new discovery of the cosmetics industry, but for those, who haven't stumbled upon this quick tip, here is a foolproof way to protect your freshly applied make-up from colored under-eye circles.

Get a bottle of basic baby powder. Get a small (but not too small:-)) amount of it onto an (ideally) flat surface. I used the top of a bronzer box, which is black and it's placed on a black table (great composition, I know...), but you get the idea. You might need a bit more than in the picture for both your eyes.


Get a fair amount of the powder on your finger (not only the finger tip) and pat it under your eyes.

Do your eye make-up. 

Now brush away the powder with all the unwanted eye-shadow fallout. Do it very lightly, brushing it off from the surface, your face :-), with no pressure. An ideal brush for this is a preferably fine fan brush like the one in the picture (this one is from Gosh). 

And you are done.

Don't be afraid, you won't end up with a white or dried up face. And it works :-).

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  1. I love this tip! I also love even more that you used baby powder. I usually use my setting powder (Laura Mercier), and it really bothers me to waste so much product. Never thought to use baby powder. Thanks so much for sharing!