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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Before I go on with the other part of my most-reached-for products of 2011 post, I'll allow myself a quick post on something I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's my blog, after all, so I can ;-P...

This is the new addition to my shoe family (although not the most recent one, but about that later, in another soon-to-come post ;-)). Hunter's Regent Savoy Wellington boots. 

I really love them - the winter has been mild so far (*pulling up a happy face*), so although I don't wear them with the optional fleece Hunter lining/socks, I am not cold. The boots have got a sponge quilted lining which makes them warmer than some other styles. On the other hand, they are not meant for a really cold winter, so I wouldn't recommend these for a walk in a really chilly weather. 

The outer rubber surface is shiny, with quilted design. It's hardly imaginable, that a piece of footwear made of rubber can be stylish and even elegant, but I think these somehow are. And comfortable. And what I love about them is that my feet are staying dry in every weather. 

What might be a valuable piece of information for those who would like to get these online is that if you are not sure about what size to order, go for a size smaller than you normally would. Or at least don't think that your regular size won't be big enough for you. I've got them in a size that is one number smaller than my usual choice and I still can wear them with two socks in each :-).    

Have you got anything lately that has turned out to be a good investment ;-)?

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