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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bringing Spring Into My Wardrobe

One of the easy ways to update a look or incorporate new trends into a wardrobe is to get some great accessories. I absolutely love the of-the-moment Spring colors, like mint green, pink, red grapefruit or yellow. So a couple of days ago, as I was standing in Vero Moda in front of a big bunch of belts in about 15 colors, I ended up getting these. 

These obviously need to get some more holes to fit a smaller waist than the producer had in mind, but aside from this, they are great. I can wear two or three at a time and create different looks with different color combinations.   

And two more... These have a shiny finish and a golden buckle.

I wore the matte turquoise one today with a black and white damask top, purple jacket and red shoes.

While flipping through some fashion magazines the other day, I somehow ended up with an urge to get an orange clutch :-). So when I spotted this one in an Accessorize shop, no wonder it went straight home with me. It goes nicely together with the orange or mint green belt from Vero Moda. Or even both of them...


Talking about Accessorize... I nearly got another clutch - a peppermint blue one, but then I changed my mind and bougt this chanel-esque taupe quilted shopper with golden chain detail. Not that I wouldn't be thinking about getting another clutch anyway :-). I really like the clutchbag-for-daytime-trend, although I don't think it's the most comfortable way of carrying all my "necessary" stuff (all 5 kilos of it or something like that) around... :-)

The infinity scarf.

It's just two pieces of very different fabrics sewn together, but I find this infinity scarf from Vero Moda really pretty. It unexpectedly combines a green mint cotton with geometric shapes and canvas-like fabric with interwoven golden threads which I find pretty interesting. Just two of some styling possibilities. I wore it belted like this a couple of days ago. 

I like what accessories can do with an outfit - they can totally make it, or break it. Make a person look interesting and put together or let the wearer look just ridiculous. A colorful scarf, statement earrings or a fabulous bag...

... what is your favorite must-have accessory when you want your look to be "complete"?

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