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Monday, 12 March 2012

Remington Pearl Pro Styler - Double Barreled Tong

- a double barreled tong for softly defined curls and waves

- ceramic coating with real (crushed) pearls
- digital display
- 130- 210°C
- heats up in 30 seconds
- cool tips
- auto shut off after 60 minutes
- 3m swivel cord
- protection glove included (not pictured)
- heat resistant pouch included
- each wand has 180 mm in diameter

The price: 30,99€
(purchased with my own money)


This double barrelled culring wand is perfect for loose waves. The curling wands are coated with the Remington typical ceramic coating and since this particular poduct comes from Remington's PEARL range, real pearls were crushed and mixed into the coating for even heat distribution. 

The curling wand is easy to use, but it is only possible with the heat resistant protection glove that comes with it. It is not possible to curl your hair without touching the wands all the time, so the glove is a must. The process is then easy - you take a section of your hair (the smaller the section, the tighter the curls/waves) and wrap it around the barrels in a shape of the number 8. Hold in place for about 10 seconds and then release to create the curl. 

It is easiest to work from the lowest part of hair up to the top layers. I am able to curl my whole hair in about ten minutes, so it is not very time consuming. 

The ceramic /pearl surface provides for easy hair gliding and smooth finish.

I think this curling iron can work for hair which is at least shoulder long. You need to be able to wrap your hair strands around the barrels in at least one "eight".  Since the waves are quite big, it also adds some volume.  

One thing that bothers me about this product: just at the bottom part of the cool barrel tips, there is a small plastic piece sticking out from the cool tip. I think it's there so that when you place the hot curling wand on a flat surface, the hot barrels are not laying directly on the mat, but the plastic thingies are keeping them up for safety reasons. This is not a bad idea, BUT! These plastic thingies are quite annoying when using the wand. The problem is, that when you want to get your hair off the wands, the intuition tells you to just let it glide down the barrels (the perfectly smooth surface of the wands would be just ideal for that), but the annoying little plastic thingies won't let you do that smoothly and will stop the strand from gliding down. To make this easier, you have to hold the hair tip of the curled-to-be strand in hand while the strand is between the barrels, than loosen it a bit and then getting it off while avoiding the plastic pieces. 
Have no idea, if this is an understandable explanation :-)...  

In fact, this is the only downside of the whole product. I have another bi-tube curling iron which I enjoyed using in the past, but the problem is, that it has no protective coating on the barrels and I feel like I damage my hair badly when using it. That's why I am happy with this purchase, I am just not fond of the shape of the cool tips for the reason mentioned above.

Now, to the results:

lipstick: Maybelline in Natural Rosewood, Nr. 670 (from the last post)

The bottom line: I like this product a lot. It gives me soft waves which look quite natural. Loose, beachy waves. I really like the smooth pearl surface of the barrels. This is not the only product from the Remington's Pearl range I own and I feel like the ceramic/pearl wands' coating helps to protect my hair from the heat. The thing is, that I've got naturally curly hair, but with the length and no regular trims, I am losing the curl and sometimes only the frizz in the hair reminds me of its original texture :-/. This tool helps me to create curls, which look pretty natural, so I feel like myself with this on my head :-).  Even though this is my curling wand number XY... ehm... (you don't want to know ;-)...), I don't regret getting it :-).

Have a lovely week :-)!

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  1. You're so pretty! I love your hairstyle! I've been looking for a small curling since my Revlon one recently broke. So thank you for the review!