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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Marks & Spencer/Per Una Daffodil Coat

I bought this coat because just looking at it made me feel like spring/summer.

I am a fan of color yellow, but thanks to my skin tone I can't pull this color off in most of its hues. But as soon as I spotted this bright coat I just loved it and wanted it right away - even if the color was going to make me look like a zombie. In the store under the lamps and a lack of daylight, it looked like a highlighter yellow - the probably worst shade of yellow ever against my skin tone, but I didn't care.

After looking at it in the direct daylight, the coat showed its true colors - a lovely daffodil yellow. It has got a pretty colorful stripey lining which gives the coat an extra dosage of interest and I'd love to have a top in its colors. 

I put it on as soon as the weather let me. In fact, it was already pretty warm and I wouldn't need to wear a coat, but some ten degrees of Celsius won't stay in my way and stop me from wearing it ;-)...!

I wore it with a striped top to make a transition from the coat to the rest of what I wore. Since I couldn't wear anything really summery, but still wanted to reflect the coat's vibe into the rest of my outfit, I wore this top from Promod. Yeah, pretty straightforward, color-color, stripe-stripe...

Since I love the lining, I went back to the store to check if they don't have a top in the fabric. Because I only found a matching dress and a skirt and they were not in these exact colors I wanted, I ended up with this oversized scarf. It's beautifully multicolored, so it goes with just every color of a typical summer wardrobe. It's very versatile, there are different colors dominating different parts of the scarf and depending on which part of the scarf you let showing, the scarf can look a hundred different ways. 

The next time I wear my daffodil coat this I-had-an-accident-in-a-wall-paint-store scarf will make us company ;-).

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