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Sunday, 13 May 2012

About This Blog

I´ve made a decision to change the name of my blog.
When I started to write this blog, it was all about make-up, make-up products and cosmetics. But as the time went by, I felt like this is a subject too restrictive for my taste and I began to think about another blog name, another blog concept. That brought me to thinking about my own style.
The first thing that came to my mind was - Style Over Fashion. The fact, that all the pretty fashionable things around we wear or use can be sometimes pretty silly and one risks to became a fashion victim, if they are not a part of a personal style.
This is not going to be a deep analyses about a lifestyle, a way of life, because real life is much more about everything else than fashion and there are about a million things more important than what we wear or how we look. But that would be a very different blog, with a very different content.
Since this is a blog about a personal style, my personal style than anything else, I began to think about my style and the way I´d describe it. Some people are positively just elegant or sporty, there are bombshells and sexy kittens and people who are in the chic cathegory or hippies all the way. When I tried to describe myself with one word, I came to a dead end. I like so many styles and so many different things, that I don´t think I can describe myself with just one word. I like to be someone else every day if I want (at least style-wise ;-)).
That´s why I think my style can be called just-be-yourself-whoever-it-is :-).
Hence the new name of my blog. Just in case you´d like to know ;-).
That´s it for today.
Have a lovely week!

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