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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Electric Blue Match

I was thrilled when I spotted this electric blue suede oversized clutch in Zara a couple of days ago. I know that clutches are not the most conveniet of all handbags for a woman who carries a lot of knickknacks in her bag around, but they are an epitome of elegance for me. So after a short deliberation with myself (will I really be able to use it? do I really need another handbag?) which my vain-self won over my down-to-earth-self, I bought it. 

And I love it. 

I think it's effortlessly chic :-).

Yesterday I went to the shop where I bought my Hunter boots looking for another pair in a light color for spring. Unfortunately, they had not my favorite pair in my size (hope to get them somewhere else anyway!), but I stumbled there upon these:

A pair of Friis & Company shoes in the very same material and shade of electric blue as my Zara clutch. The lovely zipper-like detail on the frilly front and the color attracted me to the shoes right away. And as soon as I was told they had a last pair in my size and they were reduced from 89€ to 25€, I did't hesitate and bought them.

I am not a great fan of matchy-matchy looks and I don't think it's essential to have matching bag and shoes, but it this case, in my opinion these two look great together and it's nice to have the option to wear them together.

It's funny, that these two things were purchased completely separately and they match as if they were made one for another down to the last detail, as the very same shade of metallics used on the bag closure and the zipper teeth on the shoes... :-).


  1. I saw the clutch here in Spain just yesterday, to me it's a little bit big and awkward to hold, but quite cute.


  2. I love that blue! I need some heels that colour. :) Great combo. I love!