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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Black and Gold for Fall

Here - a couple of fashion accessories I´ve acquired for the upcoming Fall season. I think that in spite of their classic color combination, the right portion of added metal can turn a classic black accessory into an edgy one.

Hunter Belsize boots
I lived in these the whole last Winter and Spring and took them off only as it was too awkward to wear a rubber boot in 20°C. 
This new pair in the leather look is pretty elegant - as far as you can describe a rubber product as "elegant" :-).

pic source

I couldn´t wait to wear the new pair, so I did not wait for rain and took them out for Saturday morning grocery shopping.


Here are some more black and gold accessories, which found their way home with me.

 MANGO half moon earrings
 (find it here)
 MANGO double chain bracelet
(find it here)
 H&M two gold bracelets in a pack

Next on my wish list:
Hunter Original Glossy Boots in stone / Hunter Belsize Boots in bitter chocolate / NARS Foreplay blush / MANGO leather effect cuff
 Yes, Hunter boots on my radar again. I can´t help it - we are just meant to be ;-).

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