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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Garnier Skin-perfecting Products

I am not a big fan of tinted moisturizers. Or maybe I should say I wasn´t, because I am officially a convert now. Maybe not a fan of every tinted moisturizer out there, but the ones I can recommend so far - BB Creams from Garnier.

As Garnier came out with these, I didn´t even bother to swatch/test one. I tried out some tinted moisturizers in my past, but never really liked any of them. Maybe they are generally a good choice for girls with faultless skin, but mine is not like that, so except of giving me some (often orange-y) color, they were not much of a contribution to my beauty routine.

I know, BB creams are not “just tinted moisturizers”, so maybe I am comparing pears with apples here, but for me, they are in the same category. They are supposed to substitute a foundation on a good-skin-day or for someone who just doesn´t need a foundation altogether (no, I am not one of these unearthly creatures. Damn. :-))

Now to what I actually have to say…

I´ve got two Garnier BB Creams - one in the color 02 light (the only other available - dark version, was just too dark for me at the time of my purchase) and one in the color medium suitable for combination to oily skin which is supposed to matify a rather oily (and shiny) skin.

I first owned the version for normal skin and I pretty much liked it a lot. It gives me a hint of color (no orange undertones) and it really does what it promises - moisturizes the skin and gives it a more even look. I often use it under my foundation, especially if I use one with less coverage, so the BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector (Daily All-in-one B.B. Cream) makes up for what the foundation wouldn´t be able to do. I probably wouldn´t use this without a proper foundation on top of it, because this doesn´t cover well enough for my taste. It doesn´t fight shine on the places that I need it and because it has a more oily consistence than the matifying version, my skin absorbs it and it doesn´t "stay around" long enough to fulfill the covering function too.

On the other hand, I can picture myself wearing the matifying version of the Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector without any foundation on top of it. The medium color version gives my skin the right amount of color, it evens out my skin tone, makes the skin smoother and definitely matifies is. I can use it under a foundation, but as I previously said, this one would be suitable as a foundation substitute on a good-skin-day for me. And I never really leave home without wearing one, so this alone says something about this BB Cream ;-). 

The third Garnier product worth mentioning here is Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll-on. As with the creams mentioned above, I didn´t even threw a second look on this after seeing it in a TV commercial. I had the non-tinted version at home and I couldn´t imagine how efficient this product could be given its probably runny consistence. After seeing Tiffany D´s video on YT, where she was swearing by this product, I decided to give it a try. And I am really happy I did, ´cause I love it.

The stick has a steel roller ball tip which feels quite cooling in the under-eye area. If kept in the fridge, it can help fight swollen eyes in the mornings (just a quick tip of mine). The product itself is more on a liquid-y side (no cream) and it spreads easily. I use to apply it under my eyes with the roller ball and then spread it/work it into the area with a small brush (preferable with synthetic bristles (so the product doesn´t get absorbed into the bristles)). Of course it is just my opinion and experience, but I find this product quite great and I use it at least as often as the YSL Touche Éclat which has been a long-term staple of my beauty routine. Of course, as every liquid-y product, this needs to be set with a light layer of powder. Since we are talking about the under-eye area here, the powder needs to be very finely milled not to set into possible under-eye lines. I use one of these:  Chanel Poudre Cristalline Loose Powder, Benefit Camouflage, Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder or MUFE HD Powder. All these are very fine in texture and don´t get trapped into the lines around my eyes. 

There is a great variety of BB creams out there right now and I am tempted to try out more. Would you recommend any of them :-)?

CU soon! 
(No, really ;-))

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