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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Interbeauty and Peggy Sage Cosmetics

As I was adding some pictures to this old post, (they were accidentally deleted, because I was messing with the Picasa Album), I somehow managed to publish it as a new post. Sorry, dear readers - it was 2010 back then :-).

A couple of days ago, there was this cosmetics exposition in my city called Interbeauty. Since I started to somehow „obsess“ about beauty products only about a year ago :-P, I have only been to this exposition twice so far. This time I was not very much in a mood to wander among all the stands with hundreds of beauty products (maybe because it was Friday and I was exhausted from the whole workweek) and I regret a bit now, that I did not spend more time exploring new make-up possibilities. But nevertheless, I focused on the cosmetic brands, that I remembered from the last time I’ve been to this affair.

The last year I have discovered this (for me) new French cosmetic brand Peggy Sage. The brand is not available in the stores here yet, which I think is a pity, since I really like the quality of the wide range of their products so far. And as a bonus, the products are not very pricey either. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at what I’ve got.

I purchased three of their mosaic powders - Été Indien (Indian Summer), Soleil d’Hiver (Winter Sun) and Désert Rose (Desert Rose). The names themselves make me want to buy them - I am an easy prey for the cosmetic industry :-). The colours are really beautiful and I had a hard time choosing from the six colours available. The marble structure of these colours let you use the lighter and darker parts of the powders separately, so for example, the lighter parts of Soleil d’Hiver are perfect as an eyebrow bone highligter. These powders are fine and very soft, so they are easy to work with and you only need to touch them with a brush very lightly to get a beautiful shimmery colour on your cheekbones.

From left to right: Été Indien, Soleil d’Hiver and Désert Rose, photographed in a daylight/direct sun:

Then I couldn’t resist their shimmering illuminating powders either. Now let me tell you, that I was not very much interested in highlighters until a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been to London lately and I wanted to get my mits on the Boots No.7 highlighter, which I heard was a perfect dupe for one of the Benefit highlighters (High Beam, Moon Beam). Only there I found out, that there were two shades available and since there also was a great deal offer – 3 products for the price of 2 – I couldn’t help myself and purchased both of them (shame on me :-)). Now, these are liquid highlighters (Pink and Peach) and I find liquid highlighters a bit tricky to work with. IMO the best way to use them is probably to mix them with a foundation. On the other hand, it is easier to use powder highlighters, since you can easily use them after applying the foundation and powder, regulating the amout on shimmer and light on your cheeks. The Peggy Sage illuminating powders are nicely soft and pigmented and it is a pleasure to work with them. I purchased two of four shades available, but I can’t wait to get the other two as well (a boohoo for my greed :-)).

Caramel, a great golden tone on the left, Abricot, a nice peachy shade on the right: 
Peggy Sage cosmetics has a great choice of eyeshadows. Since I already had 5 powders in my shopping cart :-), I tried to focus on eyeshadow colours, that would be an added value to what I already had at home. I chose 4 really great colours, which I found somehow unique. Gris Vert (Grey-Green), Vert Bronze (Green-Bronze), Violet Magic and Cuivre Egyptien (Egypian Copper). I have to say, I am always weak when I see a beautiful purple colour, be it aubergine, bordeaux or cranberry. The two purplish colours I picked up are just beautiful, each of them from a different purple-colour family. Violet Magic is a purple-black colour full of fine purple glitters and Cuivre Egyptien is a great pinkish-bronzy shimmery colour.

Photographed with flash the colours are shown most accurately (Violet Magic, Cuivre Egyptien):

The other two shades are harder to describe, but they both could be labelled as grey. Gris Vert (left) is a shimmery metallic colour with a hint of green and Vert Bronze (right) could be described as a lightly shimmery grey with a hint of silver (I wouldn’s say bronze as in the name of the colour). 

The last but not least to mention is their matifying base (Base matifiante visage), which is really great, very much comparable to Smashbox Photo Finish primer and for 11,80 Euro (30 ml) just a perfect purchase. I bought it on the Interbeauty exposition a year ago and it sure is worth repurchasing. It leaves my face perfectly smooth and gives a great base for any foundation.

To finish this (already long enough) post, I would like to mention yet another product which I purchased on the expo. It caught my eye, I didn’t think about it profoundly and I just bought it. It is a Teracotta Blush-on from Flormar, a brand that I saw in some shopping centers here, planned to stop by and have a look, but didn’t until now. This colour probably has no name, it is a number 45 and it‘s a shimmery pink-burgundy-golden shade. This blush is not so finely milled and soft as the Peggy Sage ones, so  I feel as if the shimmery parts are harder to keep on the face while applying. On the other hand, I found the color to be nicely intensive and unique enough to purchase it.

I plan to have a look at other of their products, maybe even some more of the teracotta blush-ons and surely eyeshadows (looks like I can never have enough of those :-)).


  1. where can i buy these brand?

    1. There is a store locator on the Peggy Sage website (, but Google might give you even more results. I've bought my products on a local beauty products expo, so it was not a store "per se" in my case.