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Monday, 7 January 2013

Seeing Green

Green has become one of the trend colors of this winter season. Forest green, emerald, jade - all the rich green tones that look so amazing in any fall/winter outfit. 

I was not shopping for green clothes pieces just for the sake of having something green in my wardrobe. But looking back at these green jackets and bags I purchased in the last months, I was obviously attracted to the color spontaneously. 

Both the green jackets were purchased at H&M. The one on the left side is a deep forest green, the one on the right side (looking ridiculously similar to the other one in this picture) is a vibrant emerald-turquoise color. 

Both of the jackets are on sale now for 10€ (in multiple colors).

The bags are from Mexx (left) and Pietro Filipi (right). I was very hesitant about the Mexx tote - should I keep it or not (I don't like things unused, just laying around, although this happens to me sometimes). I was asking myself if it was special enough to be reached for often enough to justify its place in my not-magically-expandable wardrobe. But after trying it out with different (especially fall) outfits, I've decided it's a keeper. It looks great with colors like burgundy, magenta, violet, camel, brown, black or any metallics.

The other, jewel-tone bag, is a rather small cross body satchel with gold hardware and this picture doesn't do it justice. It gives a great pop of color to any outfit. I usually wear really big bags, because I tend to carry a ton of things around with me, but this one I just had to have, even though it's smaller than a quarter of any of my usual carry-alls :-).

... and some of my suggestions on how to wear green :-):

Until later ;-)...

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