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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Zara Sale Finds

I love sales. Who wouldn't :-). (Well, maybe my husband, because he only likes to buy books and there are no seasonal sales on those, so he barely notices them :-)). But I do. Despite of that, I don't usually wait for things to be on sale, if I really want them, because - as the Murphy's Laws predict - there is never the right size waiting around for me to be bought for a discounted price. 

This winter, there were two things that caught my eye in Zara (a grey coat with leather-optic sleeves and a black suede studded bag), but to make this quick - as I was hesitant about getting them, I haven't got any of those. Instead, while drifting around shops long after sales had started, I've got these:

- an army green long jacket with metallic buttons,
- a peplum chanel-esque jacket (retailed as a "knit cardigan"),
- a viscose scarf,
- a navy blue puffer jacket,
- a cobalt blue suede bag.

I have to admit, that during the season, I completely oversaw most of these items and the only one I eventually had to hunt down was the blue puffer jacket. It all started on a short trip to Budapest, where I spotted this well-made and cozy looking blue jacket in Mango. I loved the color, the golden hardware and the fur collar.

Of course, I hadn't got it.

After thinking about it for a couple of days and coming to the conclusion that it's just what I needed, I discovered, that this damn jacket is just impossible to get (and I was looking for it internationally) - it was sold out even on the internet. From that time on, I was trying to find a good looking navy blue winter jacket. It was only then, that I spotted this one in Zara, but of course, it was sold out in my size. To make the long story short, I managed to get the last piece in my size on sale, in a shop on a short trip like 70km from where I live. 

Not that I wouldn't still want the Mango one as well! I still love it :-).

The other things I've got were not on my "to-get" list, but they ended up in my wardrobe anyway. They pretty much say a lot about what wardrobe pieces I like most. Jackets and bags anyone :-)? 

And that's also a hint of what to expect in my next post.

Until then ;-)...

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