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Monday, 25 March 2013

Orange, Yellow, Blue...

Zara shopper (49,95€), Zara blazer (49,95€), H&M clutch (19,95€)

It's late March, Spring has officially arrived, but I have a little problem feeling it. Maybe because today is -4°C, but hey, maybe it's just me being too petty and it's completely normal to welcome Spring witch teeth chattering...

The one place where I actually can see Spring is shops. So it's no surprise that I have brought a bit of it home with me :).

The orange blazer has the same cut as Zara blazers from one of the last seasons. I have it in four colors already (black, navy, grey, leopard) and wear them all the time. In fact I think this one has my name all over it as well... :).
This might look like a strange shopping behaviour, but when I find something that works for me and becomes a much worn piece, I don't mind buying it in different colors or prints. It makes it easier to dress well even if I'm on a hurry and don't have time to think about it twice.

The yellow neon clutch is substituting the real object of my affection - this neon yellow Cambridge satchel, that I am eyeing for the second season now. I am still debating with myself whether it is smart to buy something that is more trendy than classic and whether I would get much wear of it. But thinking about something for a year might be a signal to give it a go... :).

Is there something you'd like to get, but are not quite sure whether it's worth to invest in (be it something cheaper or more expensive)?

Until next time... ;).

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