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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

To Ikat or Not To Ikat

I remember, as I was a teenager, I had this ikat-patterned oversized winter jacket in muted earth tones. I really liked wearing it, but as it went out of fashion, I think I got rid of it. I am not very good at getting rid of things, especially clothes, because I think that as the fashion seasons come and go, many pieces that once looked ridiculous to me might be seen differently (and vice versa). But this one had probably been tossed.

Nevertheless, I keep seeing ikat-patterned clothes for a couple of seasons now and really like some of the patterns that look great on cozy winter cardigans as well as fun summer maxi dresses.

I have fallen in love with this cardigan recently. I LOVE the colors, the pattern, the styling. Unfortunately, even though on sale, it comes with quite a hefty price tag of 250 €, but that isn't putting me off completely. I just love it that much :).

In the meantime, I have found this black and white version, which was on sale as well, but for just 15€ at Tally Weijl :). It's by no means a worthy replacement for my alpaca and silk ideal, but it's pretty enough to keep me warm while thinking about all the reasons why I should invest in the beautiful earthy-toned one :).

with an H&M ikat-patterned scarf (old one)

Is there anything you like so much, that you think about splurging on even though the price tag says you shouldn't :)?

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