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Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Jewellery Haul

What I like about accessories is the fact, that they can transform a boring outfit into an interesting one or change the same outfit into a very differently looking one and it doesn't even have to cost a fortune. Although I love so many jewellery pieces from Topshop right now, that I'd need a small fortune to get them all :).

Here are a couple of pieces of jewellery I got recently.

I've discovered this beautiful chunky gold necklace with stones of three colors in Zara. Sometimes when I like something in a store I hesitate whether to get it or not especially because I feel like I shouldn't buy anything to wear for at least a century to get a good use of what I already have at home. Yeah, feeling guilty when shopping sometimes... But this necklace was not such a case - as I spotted it, I knew I'd have buy it, because it is sooo pretty and will be perfect for Autumn outfits.
Zara necklace (22,95 €)

This necklace with three crosses - silver, yellow gold and rose gold is quite a tiny piece of jewellery (especially in comparison to big statement necklaces that I like to wear), it looks very delicate and feminine and because I am in love with rose gold right now, the cross in the middle makes my heart squeak loudly :).

Topshop (approx. 10 €)
Speaking of loving rose gold...  This triple necklace is another classic piece that I love to have in my jewellery collection. It is made of delicate rose gold mini plates and can be worn with very classic clothe pieces as well as with some rock'n roll-y outfits.
Topshop (approx. 18 €)

A big statement bracelet that is a definite eye-catcher, especially if worn with clean-cut clothe pieces.
H&M (9,95 €)
Fun fishbone earrings from Zara. (As if) made for easy breezy summer outfits ;). Enough said.
Zara (9,95 €)

When it comes to accessories, they can make or break an outfit. Have you bought any interesting, beautiful or eye-catching pieces of jewellery recently?

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