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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Quick Tip: Eyebrows

I have never over-plucked my eyebrows, but they have always been on the rather spare side. I keep filling them in as long as my memory can reach and I am playing with the idea of getting them "fixed" with permanent make-up. 

Since I have always needed to help them a bit (or more:) to look the way I want them to, I tried everything from brow pencils to powder colours and this is probably the most efficient way to get the look I want.

You need:
* matte eye-shadow or eyebrow powder in the colour of your eyebrows
* angled brow brush
* liquid make-up fixer
* eyebrow pencil (optional)

The trick to get this look (or its more subtle versions) is the "wet part" of the process. Since my eyebrows are very thin (to nonexistent) on their outer corners, I first make a couple of strokes with a brow pencil there. This is not necessary, if you have at least some hairs on the whole eyebrow line. 

Next, wet the brow brush with make-up fixer. It can be water as well, but I use a make-up fixer to make the look more permanent. Get the eyebrow powder on the wet brush (it can be a matte eye-shadow as well) and fill your eyebrows in with short brush strokes. The colour will adhere also to the penciled part of your brow.

If you want the look to be less intense, you can first get rid of some amount of the powder by painting on your hand prior to filling in your eyebrows. I like my eyebrows to be quite strong-looking right now, so I skip this step.

And voilĂ , that's it :).

Any good tips to get perfectly looking eyebrows (aside from being born with them:)?

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