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Sunday, 30 June 2013

June 2013 Favorites: Beauty Products

I don't use to write the month (beauty) favorites post, especially because I am often faithful and loyal to my tried and tested beauty products and it would be very boring to list the same products over and over, month after month. Nobody wants to read about the Bioderma micelle solution twelve times a year ;). BUT. Even though I often use the same products again and again, I also like to try something new and it sometimes proves to be so good that it becomes a staple or I at least enjoy it for a couple of weeks or months. So that is quite a good basis for monthly favorites posts :).

Here are mine for June:

1. Benefit Hoola bronzer. I only have a small version of this bronzer, which is to be found in The Bronze of Champions kit. I plan to write a solo post about this kit, but because I want to rave about the bronzer alone today, I have removed all the other products from the kit for their photo-shooting :). Anyway, this bronzer is no news in the beauty world, but I have only tried it now and I already love it. It's a completely matte bronzing powder, which when applied with a light hand, gives just the right amount of colour and is buildable, if you like the colour to be more intense. I am definitely getting the normal-sized version.

2. Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer. It took a couple of international flights of my husband to get my hands on this raved about face cream (thank you, airport shops:), but I have finally got it a couple of weeks ago. I think it was Aliz from I Covet Thee, who originally made me want the cream and the orange packaging that looks so fresh and juicy just sealed the deal.  The cream is really as good as everybody says - it is very light, oil-free, it has got a nearly gel-like texture, soaks into skin instantly and it also moisturizes as soon as it gets into the skin. I plan to repurchase it and I hope I'll find it in an internationally shipping online shop eventually... I just wonder why I did not ask for the eye cream as well...

3. Essie Rock Solid transparent nail polish. My nails used to be very weak, very breakable and they kept peeling in layers, so I turned to gel nails three years ago and wore them since. A couple of weeks ago my manicurist advised me to ditch the gel manicure for some time, because for some reason, the gel nails stopped working for me - they kept breaking to the point that it was not fun anymore. So I reluctantly followed her advise and had them removed. I knew what would follow (constantly breaking and peeling nails), so I bought this Essie nail polish that was supposed to make my nails hard enough to keep them growing. I did not believe the promises on the box very much, but I just told myself I'd give it a go - nothing to lose there. I apply this nail polish in at least three layers and never leave my nails without it and I am amazed at how strong they have become. So, my experience says - recommendable!!

4. Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Smoky Eyes Mascara. I don't  want to say that this mascara is a kind of a wonder, but since I just can't find a good and long-usable mascara lately, I am quite happy with this one. It stays wet enough to be applied smudge-free for only something like four to six weeks, (but I am already getting used to this fact about mascaras altogether) and gives nice long, defined and quite dense lashes. So it's a candidate for a repurchase as well.

5. Natural Coco Oil from To be honest with you, this is a natural coco oil that is normally used in the kitchen. To make pancakes and such, you know :). But coco oil is an amazing product for the body as well. It can be used as a body butter - it soaks in quickly and leaves the skin smooooth :). It also has a natural SPF (even though not very high, I think about 3 or 4). It doesn't have to be this particular coco oil from this particular seller - but remember, natural bio coco oil is amazing as a beauty product as well :).

6. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This is my second bottle of this foundation. I am a fan of MUFE and NARS foundations, but this liquid foundation is definitely worth trying out. I have been using it very often in the past months and it is a great foundation and the budget price is just a bonus. It covers nicely and stays put as any other good foundation, so even if you think that only high-end foundations can give you a great complexion, this one may prove you wrong.

7. Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes. I was trying to get at least some of the Sleek palettes for ages. They are pretty popular in the online beauty community and I just want to have them aaaaaaaall :D. I managed to get three of them so far and I keep using them on a daily basis now. I am not saying that I will only use these eyeshdows for the rest of my days, but I understand why they are so popular - they are not very pricey (I've got a deal 3 for the price of 2), offer an interesting and unpredictable variety of shades in each palette and they are even handy if you travel a lot, because of their slim design.

So, these are my most used beauty products of June. In fact, there are a couple more, but since I have discovered some great products only a couple of days ago, it wouldn't be fair to list them here, so they will probably make it to the July list.

If you have any great June favorites, let it be beauty products or just anything you have been loving in June, I would be more than happy to hear from you in the comments.

Have a nice rest of the weekend :).

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