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Saturday, 29 June 2013

What I Wore: H&M Spring Coat

I can't believe I wore a winter hat just two days ago, a couple of days after Summer has officially arrived. The weather was acting crazy, it was rainy and windy, so I wore my spring coat from H&M, that I bought in February. Not that these pictures would really show it off :), but it is quite a classy looking piece - goes with jeans and LBD likewise.

Anyhow, even though the weather made me wear a coat in Summer, I was quite happy to have it on, (even though my face expression does not look like it :). When I bought the piece, I was still fighting with my post-pregnancy overweight, so I bought it in the size I was BB (before the baby:) and hoped to fit in it later. Fortunately, I managed to get rid of 11kg already and although I still have a couple more to shed, I am starting to feel like me again. So yay for me! :)

In fact, this coat is not the only piece of clothing I bought while pregnant, that did not fit me at that time, so I am enjoying clothes I have had for months now, but couldn't wear before.

Have you ever shopped for the body you wanted to have and not the body you had at that time?

H&M spring coat
 Accessorize mint bag
silver earrings with turquoise stones


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