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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

I have to say that for some mysterious reason, for the fan of beauty products and make-up in particular I am, I just don't care about lip products much. When I went to high school, I used to wear lipstick and I had a whole bunch of them, but with time I just began to focus on my eyes (make-up-wise). 

The "mysterious reason" might be the fact, that I find it very unpractical to have anything on my lips, because I feel like I need to remember not to smear it all around while talking, touching my face, eating and drinking. Also I am a mum now and my little son Adam gets kissed a lot :D (I can't resist his cuteness, guilty as charged :), so while I don't need to care about my eye make-up throughout the day, I don't like to be bothered with lip colours. 

Having said that, I just went a bit crazy with the last trend - lip balm stains and lacquers and got a big bunch of them. I was inspired by the internet beauty community raving about these products and so I caved in and here is the first part of my lip colour haul - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains. 

I had to order them online (no retailer here around) and so I had a look at many swatches all over the internet to pick the right shades. Eventually I was limited by the variety of colours that were available online (I ordered them from, but I am happy with the colours I've got.

Here are some swatches on my lips:

The colours are pretty rich for something that is called a lip balm stain and what is important (at least for me), the balm part of the product keeps the lips moisturized. My lips tend to get very dry (and that's probably another reason why I don't like to wear any lip products - they are usually drying, no matter what kind of hydration a lipstick promises) and these lip balm stains keep them in quite a good condition. 

These chubby crayons are retractable, so no need to waste the product while sharpening.

I think there is not much more to be said about these than what has already been said all around the internet. The lip balm stains are definitely worth you attention if you are a lip products fan or even if you are not one (like me). But I might be a convert from now on :)...

Until later... :).

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