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Saturday, 6 July 2013

What I Wore: Beaded Blouse, Metallic Trainers and a Sock Bun

I have a confession to make. I really don't enjoy washing my hair. Not because I'd be a kind of a dirty person, but my hair has become so long in the meantime, that it's no fun to spend all this time caring just for hair! So, the sock bun and I, we are the best of friends, because this easy and messy updo can give me one more day without the washing+conditioning+combing+drying+products-applying saga :)... 

If you by any chance don't know how to make a sock bun, take a look here. (I have not discovered this tutorial at Tiffany's channel, but I just have no idea in whose blog I saw it first, so I am using a link to her video for a reference.) It's eeeeasy :).

And this is what the (messy) sock bun and I wore today :):
Zara blouse with beaded cuffs
H&M white tank top
jeans (no name)
Gina (Ernsting's Family) rose gold ring
H&M sunglasses
H&M crossbody bag
H&M ikat-patterned scarf
earring of Bohemian origin bought in Portugal (the result of globalisation... :)

Let me tell you a couple of words about these trainers from ASOS. What attracted me most about them when I first saw them on the ASOS website was that they looked like they were pale rose with rose gold metallic parts. The description on the website said "nude", but I still thought that the metallic parts looked a bit rose gold (my favorite metal colour of the moment), so I studied the pictures and video on the ASOS site until I couldn't differentiate nude from pink anymore :) and came to the conclusion, that the trainers were nude, but ordered them anyway (that's what the returns policy is for, right :)? As they arrived, I liked them (they really are nude, but the metallic parts look very rose gold-y especially in the daylight), but they were quite uncomfortable on my feet. After a couple of days I just told myself, what the heck, they are a keeper and waited for the right weather to come, so that I could actually wear them outside.

Hmm, the first day I had them on was not a pleasurable experience at all - they felt very hard and inflexible and after a couple of hours on, I was more than happy to shake them off. Today was my second attempt to break them in a bit and I have to say, we came along much better than the first time around and I actually quite enjoyed wearing them. The downside of these trainers - the metallic parts (the toe part to be precise) show marks of wear very quickly - the places, where the material bends, remain visible, as you can also see in the picture above. Other than that, the shoes are really cute and look nice even with some dressier (read: not just strictly sporty) clothes.

Now, that's it. How much more can you say about a pair of trainers... :)?

One more detail picture of a sock bun day (not today:):
Have a great weekend :)!

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