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Monday, 16 September 2013

Late Summer Fashion Buys

I can't repeat this often enough, but I totally miss summer. I planned to write a couple of summer-related posts, but since the Indian Summer is (from the most part) nowhere to be seen and it often looks more like mid-November outside, I don't feel like blogging about summer-related stuff. This is going to be my last post of the Summer of 2013 (how many times can you say "summer" in two sentences, so that it doesn't look like you have no imagination at all... :) and then let's move on to the new season.
summer 2013
I don't know if it happens to you as well, but I always get some clothes at the end of a season, in sales or just when the seasons (and weather) change and these pieces don't see the light of a day until the next summer or winter or whatever time they are suitable for. If you would like to see such a stuff I got during the last August days, read on.

This straw and neon yellow bag from F&F was reduced to 12.50 € and it's a shame that I did not find it sooner, because I was looking for a bag like this during the whole summer to complement my Zara sandals (in the picture above). Since I consider it very much a summer bag, it will wait for me until the next warm days.
I know that neon don't have to be big in a couple of months, but if I like something, I don't care if it's "in fashion" or not :). Neon in an outfit can sometimes look a bit cheap, when not done right, but the nude/neon yellow combo is somehow classy, when worn wisely.
Here are a couple of dresses and a maxi skirt that I got during August - I really like them all and the bonus - they were from a big part on sale and I love to get things I love for (sometimes) next to nothing :).
F&F black and white  dress (8€), F&F yellow and white floral dress in a 50's style (21€), mint pleated dress (25€), pale taupe maxi skirt (9€), pink and gold antique style maxi dress, gold and taupe strapless maxi dress

Do you buy things to wear towards the end of a season, knowing, that you won't wear them for at least a couple of months? Or do you only get what you can make use of at the given moment?

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