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Friday, 6 September 2013

What I Wore: Turquoise Handbag

I am completing yesterday's short post on how to wear a turquoise handbag with a couple of pictures showing how I actually wore it today. The weather turned out to be too warm for a leather jacket, but I am too lazy to drag things around in my hands, so it stayed on :). 

For a short recapitulation :), these are my suggestions on how to wear a turquoise handbag...
... and this is my today's take on it :):


H&M white peplum top
Zara nude peplum leather jacket
(no name) blue jeans
(no name) turquoise handbag (bought in Croatia)
Michael Kors rose gold watch
H&M faux leather rope bracelets
(no name) flower and belt bracelets
(no name) gold and turquoise necklace
(no name) sunglasses
on my nails: Rimmel Salon PRO Punk Rock 711

If you would like to see more of my "How to Wear..." ideas, you can follow me on Polyvore or come back to my blog, where I plan to continue with "How to Wear..." posts on a regular basis ;).

Until soon :)...

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