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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Make-up Ramblings

If you are looking for a naturally looking blush, which still looks fabulous, leaving you with a subtle flush, you might be looking for NARS's Penny Lane. I just love the color. 

Penny Lane is a lovely pinkish/peachy cream blush, which I imagine to be the perfect blush tone for a porcelain doll :-). The color is just gorgeous and can be layered for more intensity or used in a small amount for a very subtle effect. But even when used with a heavier hand, it never looks overdone (in my opinion :-)).

I usually apply it with a small stippling (duo fiber) brush, something like MAC 188 (I've got SS 188 from Sigma, now with a new number F 55). The little spots on the blush in the pictures are from the brush :-). 

 Me wearing Penny Lane. 

Accidentally I have also stumbled upon some eyeshadows, that might be worth mentioning. Both being L'oreal are available in regular drugstores. 

This trio (pic below) is called Color Appeal Trio Pro in Addictive Plum (No 402) and comes from a collection of eyeshadows which were developed to suit various eye colors. The collection uses a simple theory of colors. The theory can be demonstarted on a color wheel, which shows - in this case - the primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (violet, green, orange) colors and their further mixes. The colors, which lie in opposite directions are complementary colors and when put side by side, they enhance each other, they look more vibrant.

Based on this theory, this trio is meant to suit especially green-eyed women. Green eyes accentuated with these colors are supposed to look even greener and more noticable. Yes, you are right, I don't have green eyes :-), but the complementing colors for my (brown) eyes are especially blues and greys and I wasn't very interested in those.

This next eyeshadow is a Color Appeal in Metal Plum (No 153) and comes from the same color family as the trio above. It's an eyeshadow with a metallic finish, as the name already indicates and being of a lovely lilac color, it was a reason good enough for me to purchase it. I really like the metallic sheen it gives without being full of glitters.

The metallic eyesadow all over the lid and the darkest color from the trio used for the crease. (Not the best picture, since done with a cell phone camera...)

I hope that everyone is having great a Christmas time / holidays!

More later :-)...

Friday, 17 December 2010

The Body Shop and Zara

A couple of weeks ago, I was blogging about the H&M Luxury Body Butter, that moisturises the skin perfectly, but doesn't leave it greasy, because it soaks into it right after the application. Lately, I have discovered a moisturiser, that does the same thing for my face. 

Skin Primer Moisturise It from The Body Shop:

My skin is on the drier side, especially now, during the winter months and this cream with a very light consistence works nicely for me, but I think it might be an ideal moisturiser for women with a more oily skin as well. On the packaging it says it's a primer, but it is not a primer with consistence like, let's say, Smashbox's Photo Finish. It does not leave that smooth film of some base on your face - it really is a moisturiser, that soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it prepared for a foundation application. I really like the feeling, when I use it in the mornings and my dry skin feels great in an instant.

While looking for some Christmas presents, I've found a "present" for me as well. I was hesitant about buying it, since I tought it was a bit too "loud" for me, but since I am not affraid of some little fashion experiments,  I've given up to my inner calling for something more extravagant and purchased this:

It's a spring/fall coat from Zara and I love it. I like animal prints, but usually in smaller clothing pieces, like a blouse or a scarf. This coat is quite a statement piece, but can be toned down with some plain clothes, like black pants, black turtleneck and simple accessories. Can't wait to wear it once the winter is gone. 
Have a nice weekend :-)!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

H&M Nail Polishes and More

H&M has got some really pretty nail polishes right now. The colour palette they offer is not typical  only for fall/winter - they've got some pretty summery pinks and reds, but the ones that I picked up remind me - thanks to their rich colours - of the actual fall season and upcoming  winter holidays. They remind me of colourfull fallen leaves, hot chocolate and fire in a fire-place. 
I've purchased five of them for wallet-friendly 2.95/3.95 Euros each.

With flash:
French Smoke:

French Kiss:

Midnight Passion:


 ... I have already tested this one and I love it (I applied 2 coats):

 Miss Stone Heart:
I also wanted to try one of the body butters and I chose Vanilla & Apple. I like the packaging,  it smells like a warm vanilla-something,  less like an apple and the consistency is exactly what I like. It moisturises instantly, but doesn't leave my skin oily. The cream soaks right into the skin, leaving it smooth.

I sometimes feel, like the quality of cosmetics sold by brands which produce mainly clothes can't be at the same level as the product quality of specialised cosmetic brands. It is not true with these products - at least those that I've tried so far. In fact, I might go back for more (a shiny, metallic-like blue nail polish :-)).

Have a nice weekend :-).

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Paris, Je t'aime

I've been to Paris. I always wanted to go to Paris. I thought the city has to be beautiful - and I wasn't wrong :-). Here are a couple of pics that - for me - show what Paris feels like.

There is a street not far from the Arc de Triomphe called after my home-city :-).  

Of course, I couldn't leave Paris without getting a couple of make-up products :-). There is Sephora on Avenue des Champs Élysées, where I spent a fair amount of time. I'll blog about some of the products I have purchased in the near future.

And I would like to begin with Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol. III.

This photo made with flash makes the colours look more accurate.

The colours are really pretty. There are some great neutrals perfect for a natural look or a smoky eye, but also a couple of blues and greens to create more adventurous looks.

Perversion (black - the only matte colour among them), Uzi (white with glitters), Loaded (shimmery deep green), Kush (shimmery grass green):

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (champagne with glitters), Last Call (shimmery plum), Rockstar (shimmery violet) and Money (silver-green metallic) :

Haight (turquoise-y blue with shimmer finish), Maui Wowie (shimmery champagne-gold with glitters), Smog (bronze-y shimmery brown) and Bordello (cool pink with shimmer finish and with subtle glitters):
Radium (shimmery electric blue), Snatch (warm pink with glitters), Suspect (champagne-camel shimmer), Psychedelic Sister (electric violet with shimmer finish):

The blues that look so similar here, are in fact different in their undertones - Haight is on the turquoise side, while Radium is an electric blue. Smog can be found in the Naked palette as well.  

I am realy happy with this purchase. I especially love Last Call, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Bordello, Loaded and Money. Well, in fact,  there is not one colour I wouldn't use or really like. Even the very bright colours (like the blues) can be toned down with natural shades like browns, if you are more of a natural make-up person. 

The two eye pencils in colours Zero (black) and Ransom (violet), as well as a mini version of Primer Potion are a nice addition to all the eyeshadows. 
Overall I can really recommend this palette to everyone who likes to use neutral colours, but also enjoys more vibrant and adventurous tones. You can create every look you like with this one - from serious to fun.  

À bientôt ;-)...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Clarisonic Mia

I was eyeing this piece of "beauty electronics" for quite a time and I've finally made the decision and got it. I read a fair deal of reviews before actually ordering it online. The reviews were usually very positive, so I finally gave up to my vanity :-). 

The Clarisonic Mia is - according to the producer - a "professional-caliber sonic skin care for cleansing", that "cleanses so well that products absorb better, pores appear smaller, and fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced". The Mia comes with a small tube of cleansing lotion, but you can use it basically with any non-abrasive cleansing lotion. 

What is my so-far experience with it? I use it every night to get rid of make-up. I used to use it twice a day for the first three days, but I think it makes my skin too dry. My skin is generally on the dry side and I've found out, that cleansing it with Mia twice a day makes it very dry. On the other hand, I like the feeling of a really clean skin, which it definitely brings.

It's very user friendly. The first battery charging takes 24 hours and should deliver about 20 minutes of operating before the next charging is needed. So after a week or so, I still don't need to recharge.
After switching it on, the brush head starts to vibrate and while you go over the skin's surface, it cleanses it. It stops to vibrate after one minute and you're done. I think it's very important to apply a good moisturiser after each treatment. 

I can't say whether it improves my skin yet -  I've been using it for a too short time so far. I don't have any problems with enlarged pores, but my skin tone is not really even, so that's what I'd like to see improved. I'll test it for some time and write more about my experiences.

Have a nice weekend :-)!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Playful PUPA

I know the italian cosmetic company PUPA especially through the toylike packaging that they use for some of their products. They look something like the make-up palettes that we used to play around with as little girls. And some of them don't even look like make-up at all.

I like them. I mean, I am all into the classical, sophisticated-looking, golden, grown-up make-up packagings, but I can't object against cute-looking, childhood-evoking, colourful make-up toys.  

But those are not what I purchased by my last visit to one of the Pupa stores. I bought these:

These strangely looking spaceshiplike thingies are in fact eyeshadows in colours 05, 03 and 01:
They are marketed as "two shades with just one stroke". This means that you should take the little sponge pictured below, sweep it over the colors and then over your eyelids.

Now, I really like the colours, how soft and easily blendable they are, but I don't get this way of application. I mean, and that's only my opinion,  this is not a way to apply a great looking eye make-up. I have to admit, that I haven't even tried it out, but I am an old-school make-up brushes user and I don't see this happening in my near future :-).

To the colours. I picked up three combos - 01, 03, 05:

These are nicely soft, fairly pigmented, the colour intensity is buildable and I would have bought more combos, if they were not sold out at that moment. 

The next little "ufo" is a baked eyeshadow in number 18. The colour is nicely intense, but it's not as soft as the duos and you get more fallout from it. This can be applied wet and dry - and I think the wet application can avoid the fall-out problem. 

But, in fact, I don't mind eyeshadow fall-out that much. I have a little trick that I use by every eye make-up application. I put a fair amount of baby powder under my eyes, which catches all the unwanted fall-out and after I'm done, I sweep the powder with all the fall-out gently away with a fine fan brush. And voilà, no dark circles under my eyes.

At last, what I find really lovely is the one velvety baked blush which I purchased. The colour is number 02, it is a tone-in-tone shade in comparison to my skin and I think the colour is sooo pretty. Malheuresment, the colour is hard to capture in the picture. 

Hmmm... These products are really fun to play with and I will sure go back for more. I am keeping my eye on one of the matrioskas ;-)...