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About me

My name is Zuzana, I am a 30-something years old, a lawyer by profession and I've recently become a mom of a baby boy Adam

I have by no means a problem to tell my exact age, I just don't want to carry around a mental note to change the number in this description every time I get a year older :D.

Being a mom has definitely changed a lot in my life and in my lifestyle, but I am still trying to be on top of things and take my time to enjoy the little things in life, like pretty clothes, cute shoes or a 15-minute break with a cup of nut-flavored caffé latte.

I can never have enough pretty bags or cute mugs which I unintentionally collect (I just can't resist buying a cute mug even if there is no more space to store it :).

I have always liked being creative and my love for painting in my earlier years has transformed into a new hobby of mine, which is sewing and creating pretty stuff from whatever I put my hands on (but especially fabric :). 

Even though I have decided to blog about fashion and make-up and pretty things in common, I don't think these are the most important things in life. Don't get me wrong, I really like wearing a great coat or having a gorgeous bag and having pretty things all around me in general, but I would never say anything like "Fashion/Beauty is my life", because if true, that would be a pretty sad life in my opinion. In fact, I feel really privileged to be able to enjoy clothes and shoes and taupe eyeshadows, because the majority of people on this planet who are starving or fighting for a plain existence can't even dream about it. That's why I see fashion as one (but not the only) way to express myself without forgetting that not everybody can take this for granted.

Thank you for stopping by!