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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Clarisonic Mia

I was eyeing this piece of "beauty electronics" for quite a time and I've finally made the decision and got it. I read a fair deal of reviews before actually ordering it online. The reviews were usually very positive, so I finally gave up to my vanity :-). 

The Clarisonic Mia is - according to the producer - a "professional-caliber sonic skin care for cleansing", that "cleanses so well that products absorb better, pores appear smaller, and fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced". The Mia comes with a small tube of cleansing lotion, but you can use it basically with any non-abrasive cleansing lotion. 

What is my so-far experience with it? I use it every night to get rid of make-up. I used to use it twice a day for the first three days, but I think it makes my skin too dry. My skin is generally on the dry side and I've found out, that cleansing it with Mia twice a day makes it very dry. On the other hand, I like the feeling of a really clean skin, which it definitely brings.

It's very user friendly. The first battery charging takes 24 hours and should deliver about 20 minutes of operating before the next charging is needed. So after a week or so, I still don't need to recharge.
After switching it on, the brush head starts to vibrate and while you go over the skin's surface, it cleanses it. It stops to vibrate after one minute and you're done. I think it's very important to apply a good moisturiser after each treatment. 

I can't say whether it improves my skin yet -  I've been using it for a too short time so far. I don't have any problems with enlarged pores, but my skin tone is not really even, so that's what I'd like to see improved. I'll test it for some time and write more about my experiences.

Have a nice weekend :-)!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Playful PUPA

I know the italian cosmetic company PUPA especially through the toylike packaging that they use for some of their products. They look something like the make-up palettes that we used to play around with as little girls. And some of them don't even look like make-up at all.

I like them. I mean, I am all into the classical, sophisticated-looking, golden, grown-up make-up packagings, but I can't object against cute-looking, childhood-evoking, colourful make-up toys.  

But those are not what I purchased by my last visit to one of the Pupa stores. I bought these:

These strangely looking spaceshiplike thingies are in fact eyeshadows in colours 05, 03 and 01:
They are marketed as "two shades with just one stroke". This means that you should take the little sponge pictured below, sweep it over the colors and then over your eyelids.

Now, I really like the colours, how soft and easily blendable they are, but I don't get this way of application. I mean, and that's only my opinion,  this is not a way to apply a great looking eye make-up. I have to admit, that I haven't even tried it out, but I am an old-school make-up brushes user and I don't see this happening in my near future :-).

To the colours. I picked up three combos - 01, 03, 05:

These are nicely soft, fairly pigmented, the colour intensity is buildable and I would have bought more combos, if they were not sold out at that moment. 

The next little "ufo" is a baked eyeshadow in number 18. The colour is nicely intense, but it's not as soft as the duos and you get more fallout from it. This can be applied wet and dry - and I think the wet application can avoid the fall-out problem. 

But, in fact, I don't mind eyeshadow fall-out that much. I have a little trick that I use by every eye make-up application. I put a fair amount of baby powder under my eyes, which catches all the unwanted fall-out and after I'm done, I sweep the powder with all the fall-out gently away with a fine fan brush. And voilà, no dark circles under my eyes.

At last, what I find really lovely is the one velvety baked blush which I purchased. The colour is number 02, it is a tone-in-tone shade in comparison to my skin and I think the colour is sooo pretty. Malheuresment, the colour is hard to capture in the picture. 

Hmmm... These products are really fun to play with and I will sure go back for more. I am keeping my eye on one of the matrioskas ;-)...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

What Can Make You Shine

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, skin illuminators - especially the fluid ones - were not much on my radar until a couple of weeks ago. In fact I am not sure why, because who (at least from the feminine part of the world) wouldn't love the idea of a fresh, healthy-looking, illuminated, light-catching skin. Well, I do!

That's why I am - needless to say - very tempted by all the products, that promise to (and certainly will ;-)) make my skin look like this:

                                                                     Pic source: here

This is when my two Boots No 7 illuminators come into play. I was indecisive about which colour to buy, so I bought both of them - Pink and Peach. The pink one for a nice frosty and wintery look, the peach one for a glowy, bronze-y, more summery look. From what I saw in several Boots stores around London, the peach colour is the more popular one - I only saw two tubes in like, five Boots stores, of which one is now by me at home :-). 


Photographed without flash - left Pink, right Peach:

I don't think that the picture makes them justice, I find them much prettier in real life. The easiest way to use them is to mix them with foundation, but you can also dab a small amount of the colour after the foundation applicaton on those places, where you want the light to be reflected. Like the eyebrow bone or cheekbones. 

One thing I don't like about these is their packaging. I don't mean the tube, but the brush for their application. The product is being squeezed from the tube through a brush, which is non-detachable from the tube. I don't think that using this brush is the most convenient way to apply a skin illuminator. In my opinion, the product is only wasted in the brush hairs - so I always try to get the bristles out of the way and scoop out the fluid without leaving much of it in the brush hairs. 

Other than this, I like their colours, I like their texture and I definitely like the idea that they make me look like a red-carpet glowing A-list star. That's what the advertising world can do with one make-up-loving woman ;-)...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Faking Orgasm

Calm down, this is a make-up blog, so I can't be talking about anythig else than a perfect dupe for the very popular blush from NARS - Orgasm :-). I use this shade quite a lot, because it creates an impression of a fresh face, as if I was able to sleep long hours, even if that is not the case. 
As soon as I saw this blush from Bourjois - 33 Lilas d'Or, I knew it was going to be very similar to NARS's Orgasm, but I didn't know how much, until I compared them at home. 

Here are some swatches - from left to right - Benefit's Coralista (for comparison, more pinkish with no golden accents), Bourjois's Lilas d'Or and NARS' s Orgasm:

If I had to find a difference between the two latter mentioned, I would say, that after repeated application of Lilas d'Or, you get a more intense shade with more golden accent than with Orgasm. Otherwise I would say, that the overall results from these two blushes' application is very similar.  

Have you got a perfect dupe for your favourite products?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Camouflage With Powderflage

Have you ever had a beauty product, that you first didn't care much for but eventally learned to like it? For me, Benefit's Powderflage is a product like that. Before I purchased it, I went through a couple of reviews and my feelings about this powder concealer were, well, mixed. Some people liked it and some didn't really see the point of a product like this one. So I was a bit hesitant about buying it. Eventually I made up my mind after seeing one of Tiffany D's videos on YouTube (of MakeUpByTiffanyD), where she spoke of Powderflage as one of her 2009's favorite make-up products. 

After I got Powderflage into my hands and tried it on, I wasn't very impressed. I applied it on my regular cream concealer and I didn't see a difference (I normally applied a small amount of my regular powder on that area). But since I already had it bought, I started to use it every day - just to not have it lying around unused. I was happy with the results, but I didn't think that it was  a necessary product to have. 

One morning, as I was going through my make-up routine and I couldn't find the small pink ball, so I just used my face powder again instead of that. And that's when I spotted the difference. The face powder with it's structure, that is not so fine as Powderflage, suddenly felt very heavy and misplaced and I realised, that Powderflage really does what it's supposed to do. 

Having said that, I wouldn't use Powderfage as the only concealer - without another one cream concealer underneath. My undereye circles are too visible to be solved with a barely-there pinkish powder. But I find Powderflage to be a great powder to set my cream concealer (YSL Touche Éclat, Revlon Colorstay...) thanks to its light structure and somehow brightening effect.

Powderflage comes with a little fan brush to aplly the powder with, but I don't use it. Instead, I've got this blending brush from Coastal Scents that is a tad too big for my eyelids, but works really well for this purpose. 

So Powderflage and me, we are friends now ;-). 

If you have a product or two that you originally didn't like but eventually found out it was a really good one, I'd love to hear about it :-).

Monday, 11 October 2010

NAKED from Urban Decay

Although I am not afraid to experiment with colours, when it comes to make-up, there is something in me that makes me attracted to all the nude colours. It is the same “power“ that forces me (yes, it's not me, it's the "power" :-)) to buy all the eyeshadows, that can be called browns, caramels, camels, cappucinos, taupes (oh, yes, taupes) and golds.  That’s why I have bought the NAKED eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, even though it would probably not be very difficult to find dupes (of at least some) of these twelve shades in my make-up collection.

This also indicates how I would describe this palette. The colours are beautiful, very wearable, able to create a very office-approved look as well as a dramatic smoky eye, but you probably already have one or another of them in your make-up stash. Having said that, I still don’t regret I purchased the palette. The colours are really pretty and the palette comes in handy e. g. when you have to travel and don’t want to carry a bulky make-up bag around. 

I have to say, that an artificial lamp light in the store,where I got my palette tricked me a bit into thinking, that some of the shades had violet undertones in them (like Sidecar or Toasted). But no, that is not the case.
From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked photographed with flash in the daylight:

From left to right: Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal photographed with flash in the daylight:

The palette comes with a double-sided eye pencil in black and brown. This is my first pencil eyeliner from Urban Decay and I have to say I like how smoothly it goes on the lids. But I have not made a whole-day-long-wearing test with it yet, so only after that I'll know if I really like it.  
Conclusion: A perfect palette with all the basic natural colours you need.

Have a nice day :-)...