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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Today's Look With Reviews

Today I've used a couple of products, that I'd like to write about and maybe let you know which are worth purchasing and which I don't care much for.

Before applying make-up today, I tried out a Rich Chocolate nourishing and moisturising mask from H&M. Before buying this one, I've already tried out some of their other masks and I can say that I quite like them. This chocolate one looks and smells like real melted chocolate and while putting it on I felt a strong urge to eat it, but managed not to :-D. It smells sooo good. I rinsed it off my face with warm water after about 15 minutes and my skin felt soft and refreshed, co  I can definitely recommend this mask. It costs less than 1 Euro and there is enough product for at least three applications. 

I've also got some new products from Kryolan, that I enjoy using.

I've bought an eyeshadow primer, which is a really effective product. It's consistence is very similar to the consistence of UDPP and it works well. The only downside of this one is, that you have to work quite fast with it, because it dries on your eyelids pretty quickly. So maybe the best way to use it is to first apply the primer and eyeshadows one eye and then the other one. Otherwise it's a product worth purchasing, costing less than 5 Euros for 10 ml. 

Next I've bought a Kryolan make-up base/primer which is a clear gel which leaves your complexion matte and prepared for foundation application. It's very light and doesn't feel like it clogs your pores. The consistence is close to Smashbox's Photofinsh, but lighter and easier to apply in a really thin layer.

While picking up the primer, I couldn't resist buying some more eyeshadows. The colors are pretty neutral and not very exciting, but complement those which I've already had at home. 

Here I've used the eyeshadows from Kryolan - Sahara all-over the lid, Mauve (not pictured) in the inner corner, Sudan and Dark Brown (not pictured) in the crease, MAC Blacktrack liner and Bourjois Volumiser mascara. Photographed without and with flash. (The white  litter sin the lower picture are from a brow highlighter).

Speaking of the Bourjois mascara... I had great expectations from this mascara, since it's been some time that I've purchased a mascara I'd loved. My so far favorite mascara is L'oreal's Double Extention (or MAC Plushlush), but I was curious if there is a mascara that would be able to replace these if desired. I have't found one like that so far and what quite disappoints me is the very short time which all the mascaras I've tried to date are able to stay usable. Not one mascara was able to perform well for more than a month - it's usually even only about three weeks after it's unusable - dry and clumps my eyelashes together.

So..., I really wanted to like this Bourjois one, since it says that it has an innovative volume-bursting brush (yes, please) and gives eyelashes a "spectacular 3D volume" (hmmm, yes, please!). Well the reality is, that this mascara is very  messy to work with. It consists of one brush-head which is used twice -  once with only a small amount of the product to prepare the lashes and second time with a loads of the product to get the volume. This is achieved by getting the brush from the tube through two different tube's throats that either strip the brush of much of the product or leave a majority of the product on the brush. The problem is, that it leaves nearly all the product on the brush (third picture below), so it's impossible to apply on the eyelashes without overdoing it, leaving them all clumpy and messy. The result you see in the pic above is after I got half of the product off the brush by scraping the brush down the outside of the tube's throat to remove the excess color... I don't  think I will repurchase this one...


I finished today's look with one of my favorite blushes - MAC Well Dressed. I've got this a couple of months ago and I think it's a very pretty pink with cool undertone,  which makes it  ideal for wintery make-up - it leaves one's face looking like you've just come home from a cold, winter, but still sunny day.

Me, wearing all the above-mentioned products;

other products used:
* MUFE HD Foundation No. 125
* Max Factor Translucent Powder
* Kryolan undereye concealer
* Benefit Camouflage (under eyes)
* Peggy Sage mosaic powder in Été Indien
* L'oreal Glam Shine 6H in No. 105

Have a nice weekend :-)!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Copper-Brown Eye Make-up

Just a quick post about my today's eye make-up. I was inspired by cinnamon and hot chocolate, that remind me of winter months and I created this look using these warm and cozy colors.

Products used:
* s-he all in one jumbo pen in #03 used as a primer
* Kryolan TV Brown + Copper all-over the lid
* Kryolan Romantic in the inner corner and lower lid
* Urban Decay Hustle (Naked palette) in the crease
* MAC Blacktrack liner
* Miss Sporty Lash Millionaire mascara

Have fun with make-up ;-)!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Love Affair With Kryolan

I've heard about the Kryolan cosmetics before, but the only resource of this brand  for me was the internet (as the majority of cosmetic products I buy) and I've never come to actually purchasing it. Until now. I have discovered a shop in my city where they actually sell this German brand's products and I coudn't resist trying it out. And I am happy I did, since everything I've got is just AMAZING.

Kryolan is a brand which focuses especially on profesional make-up products used in theaters, TV and the movie industry, but as I understand it, they are trying to bring the brand's products closer to clients of the beauty industry like you and me as well.

I started my Kryolan (already) obsession with just three single eyesadows and a jar of face powder, but as soon as I've tried them out I knew I would go back for more.

These eyeshadows are probably the best I've ever tried. They are beautifully soft, go easily on, are perfectly blendable and the color payoff is super. The price is great too - about 3 Euros per an eyeshadow refill. All in all, I think they are AMAZING. 
This is the first trio I bought - I bought them as  refills and put them right in a 15 pcs palette, which I purchased with them for about 10 Euros.

The picture is not one of the best, but from left to right, these are:
Dusk, Aubergine and Eggplant, all in a matte finish:

Dusk all-over the lid, Eggplant in the crease, Aubergine on the lower lid:

So, after I tried these, I was really excited about my new cosmetic discovery and had to go back for more. I concentrated on the refills and the shop was right before a new delivery, so they didn't have everything in stock, but I came home with 9 more shades.

Upper row, from left ro right: Mauve, Beach, TV Brown - all in matte finish,
Lower row, from left to right: Copper (shimmery) and Cherrywood (matte):

Top row - Moon Dust (matte),
Lower row  - (I don't know the name of the one on the left) and Romantic - both matte:

Romantic all over the lid, Copper, Cherrywood and Eggplant in the crease, Beach in the inner corner:

Violet - matte finish:

The powder I've purchased is a translucent anti-shine powder (under 10 Euros) which is supposed to keep your face shine-free for long hours throughout the day. 
It really does what it promises - the only area that was not totally shine-free at the end of my day was my nose. Otherwise, I didn't have to reapply the powder during the whole day. 

The last Kryolan item I bought so far is a concealer in the shade No. 1. I really love it too - it reminds me of my all-time favorite under-eye concealer/highlighter Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent. It has a light consistence, can be applied very smoothly and costs under 6 Euros, which is just another great plus. 

Overall, I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of this cosmetics. I am definitely going to buy a foundation, some other eyeshadows (they have a wide range of cream eyeshadows as well) and probably more from this brand, since I REALLY LOVE everything I've got from Kryolan so far. 

I sometimes do make-up for other people (I am not a professional make-up artist or anything, but it's just one of the things I can do) and two of my friends asked me to do their bridal make-up the upcoming summer. And I think I will use these eyeshadows on them, since I really like how nicely they can be blended and I think they can hold the whole day and night.

I don't know if you can see my excitement from these lines, but I am already looking forward to what Kryolan has next to offer :-).

See you later :-)!