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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

L'oreal Color Infaillible Eye-shadows

Do you wish for an eye-shadow, that is a bit sparkly, with some metallic sheen to it and which is able to be layered for a more intense look for when you wish so? If you have answered these questions with "yes", you might like L'oreal's Color Infaillible eye-shadows.

I've picked up two colors from the range that was available in the drugstore I went to (6 in total I think, but I also think there are more colors out there :-) - I've got No. 2 Hourglass Beige and No. 12 Endless Chocolate.

The consistence of these eye-shadows is somewhere in the middle between pressed and loose. Slightly pressed, but not really loose :-). 
These colors promise to be long-lasting and very intense, but since I still have to see if they really are so long-lasting, I personally don't think they are overly intense. The color is definitely buildable, but you won't get the greatest intensity from just one layer of the color. On the other hand, layering of the color leads to a pretty intense effect. 

The color looks fantastically intense when applied with one strong sweep on a hand, but to achieve the same effect on an eye-lid requires some color layering.

Photographed with flash and on a close-to-direct sunlight:
Applied on UDPP, 
- other eye-shadows used: 
  GOSH white matte eye-shadow, 
  beige eye-shadows from the Golden Rose cosmetics Wet & Dry palette No. 04,
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack,
-  L'oreal Double Extension mascara.

...I really like the end result.

Whole looks - both time wearing L'oreal Color Infaillible eye-shadows:

Have a great day and have a look at these eye-shadows - they might be worth purchasing :-).

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Angels On Bare Skin

Do you want your skin to be clean, smooth and baby-skin soft? Who wouldn't, right? I've discovered a product that can deliver that.

It was quite a coincidence that I bought this product in Prague some weeks ago. I didn't mean to buy a cleanser at that time, but as it happens quite often, that I walk into LUSH shop with an intention to buy just one particular product, but walk out with at least five of them, this is how I ended up with this oddly looking cleanser in my shopping cart.

It's a paste called Angels on Bare Skin, smells quite strangely, but leaves your skin so soft that the word "angelic" comes to one's mind.

You really only need an amount in the size of a pea to clean your whole face. You mix this tiny piece of the paste with water between your fingers, massage your face with it, rinse the excess of product with warm water and voilá, you can feel the difference in an instant. 

Since this is a freshly made product, it should be used up in up to three months. 

There is not much more to say about this than that I really can recommend it if you wish for your skin to be smoooooth and soft. This makes a great difference in a make-up application, since nothing can compensate for the skin smoothness when you need your foundation to look like it's-no-make-up-it's-just-my-skin-looking-so-great :-).

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

February Favorites

These cosmetic/beauty products are those that I've been using on a nearly daily basis for the past month (even months).

MUFE HD Foundation in No. 125
This is my absolutely most favorite foundation so far. I also love NARS Sheer Glow, but to be honest I think this suits my skin even better. MUFE's HD has got the consistence, color and durability that suits my skin. I am not saying I am never going to use anything else, I like to experiment with make-up :-), but this foundation is the one I use most frequently at the moment. 

Kryolan Under-eye Concealer
My all time favorite to conceal my under-eye circles and give my skin an illuminated look is YSL Touche Éclat, but the product I grabbed for most frequently in February was Kryolan's Brush-on Concealer talked about here. I first apply it with the built-in brush on the under-eye area and then dab it into the skin with my Sigma F65 brush. This way it is not smeared around, but applied evenly.

Kryolan's Anti-Shine Powder
When I first used a powder of this consistence (MUFE HD Powder) I didn't think I would use such a powder on a daily basis. But I do at the moment. The trick is to use a light hand while applying it, otherwise you end up with a face which is just too pale and too dry. More about the powder here.

Skindrink Cream from LUSH
This face cream promises to care intensively for one's skin. It consists of Aloe Vera, Rose, Avocado and Sesame Oil. It is quite thick in consistence and I use to apply it all over my face before bed time. It smells quite oddly (not good, not bad) and it moisturises skin. I wouldn't say this cream of all makes my skin the smoothest ever, but it does moisturise it. 

Kryolan Powder Eyeshadows
Sorry for being so boring, but it's Kryolan again :-). I really love these eyeshadows. I don't think there was a day since I've purchased my first Kryolan eyeshadow that I wouldn't use at least one of them. The matte ones are great, I love their blendability and smoothness. 

Benefit Camouflage
This has been a staple in my morning make-up routine since I learned to appreciate it after it got lost  for some time and I had to use regular powder for under my eyes. With this product a little goes a long way and together with the MUFE HD foundation I would say of all the February favorites these are also my 2010 favorites.

Enchanted Eye Cream
A soothing cream, for day and night, for the under-eye area. This promises to refresh and tighten the area around the eyes. I use it once or twice a day and I plan to write a quick review on this product.

Which product would you call your February' s favorite :-)?

Monday, 7 March 2011

L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum

It's months ago that I was using Talika Lipocils - the eyelash conditioning gel, that was supposed to make my eyelashes thicker and fuller. At that time I was having some problems with my eyelashes - after a cosmetician applied (probably) too much glue to a row of false eyelashes I wore to a ball, I lost some of my eyelashes and needed them to grow back - as quickly as possible :-). At that time I already had Talika Lipocils at home and I have to say, I think it really made my eyelashes grow longer (I am not sure if thicker).

Since then I haven't repurchased Talika - I just didn't come around it. But on Saturday as I was shopping for some boring regular stuff in a drugstore, my eyes fell on the L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum, that is not really new on the market, but since I had Talika Lipocils, I didn't get this one.

Now that my Talika Lipocils is gone (and I am not saying  I won't be getting another one :-), I've got myself the L'oreal's serum and will be curious if that does it's job. In fact, it doesn't promise anything on the tube. It only says - apply twice a day, mornings and evenings, not even how to apply it.

In comparison to Talika, which has a regular brush like a mascara, L'oreal's serum comes with a wand in the shape of a half-moon. I only assume, that you are supposed to apply it to the eyelashes' roots, since that's where the growth happens. 

So, now I'll be curious if this serum works. There isn't written on the tube after what time I should be seeing some results, so I'll give it about a month and see what this product (for 16,98 Euros ) brings.

Here are my eyelashes this morning. I am not wearing any mascara, but they are a bit wet since I just applied the serum on. Let's see the (hopefully major) change in about a month :-).