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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sheer Cover Foundation

I have to admit - I wasn't a big fan of powder mineral foundations. I feel like I need some coverage for my skin, so the powdery consistence felt to be weak in this matter and although I experimented with some of them (I've got L'oreal's and Rimmel's one), it never felt right. Maybe I wasn't able to work with it properly, applied too much of it...(?) and the final result was an unnaturally looking face with an obvious layer of foundation. Yikes!

At this point I have to admit, that a TV commercial made me buy the following product. I normally don't order products on the basis of a TV commercial, but this one made me do it. Not right away while watching the TV :-), but while surfing on the internet I stumbled upon a site with this product it again and didn't resist at last. I've got the Sheer Cover mineral foundation.

The set comes in a glossy black cosmetic bag:

As with many TV products, this foundation comes with some other products you get as "gifts" - stuff I don't really need, but there are some nice products among them. I would prefer to have the possiblity to get only the foundation with maybe some of the products for less money, but... you know the TV commercials...

What you get is a set of two cmplementing foundation shades (4 grams each), that you can mix to suit your skin tone. I have to say that both the colors I've got in my set (Latte and Buff) suit my skin tone - its paler or a bit tanned version as well. 

Latte and Buff:

Some other products from the lot I quite like are the brushes. They are of quite a good quality and every time I apply this foundation I use the brush that came with it. I was trying to avoid another bad experience with powder mineral foundation, so I better used the tools that came with it, to avoid any mistakes. And it works. This is officially the first powder mineral foundation I like. It gives the coverage I need, but it feels light and barely there and I'm looking forward to use it in the Summer, when heavier foundations better be avoided.  

These help with the coverage:

These are concealers (a pack of two), which are identical in colors, just in different packaging (a "normal" and travel version?). Anyway, I am also positively surprised with these - their consistence is nice and creamy (without being too slippery) and they give the needed coverage you might like to have if applying a powdery foundation.  

The brushes you get: (far left is a mascara), small foundation brush (for precise application), concealer brush, foundation brush; tiny kabuki brush (which I haven't used so far) :

I also like the moisturizer (smaller pink bottle), that comes with the foundation. It is fluid and absorbs into skin nicely. The two products I haven´t tried so far are the Cleansing Lotion (bigger pink bottle) and a small palette, where you get some lipglosses and a white and a dark eyeshadow.
I would post here some detailed pictures, but I have no pics at hand - I had to borrow a notebook to finish this post, since my beloved Macbook had "died" and is now being repaired, which is also one of the reasons I don´t blog more regularly nowadays. There is a possibility, that some of the data in my notebook won´t be rescued at all, but I don´t even want to think about that before the final ordeal. People, keep back-up of your electronic data... (yeah, as if that was something I didn´t know...).

So, back to the actual topic - Sheer Cover foundation :-). In the package you get an instructional DVD, which shows you how to apply which product, to make it work for you most effectively. There are no tricks that you, make-up lovers, wouldn´t already know ;-), but it´s a nice addition to what you get.

Here is a picture of me wearing the foundation. I think it gives enough coverage and doesn´t look like powder sitting on the surface of your skin, but is blended into it. So, for me, two thumbs up for the Sheer Cover foundation and I´ll probably give powder mineral foundations another chance ;-)...

Have a great week :-)!