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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What I Wore Lately & Italy and Croatia Haul, part 2

These were supposed to be some OOTD posts, but since I had no time to post them regularly, I accumulated some pictures and have decided to make a short overview of some of the outfits I wore lately. Since I wore some of the items purchased during my holiday, it's partly a haul as well. Hmm, how convenient :-).

Top: H&M; shrug (purchased in Zagreb, Croatia): United Colors of Benetton;
jeans: H&M; bag: navy suede bag purchased some place abroad, 
but I don't remember the state or the shop :-/;
necklace and bracelet: purchased in Venice, made of the famous Murano glass; 
shoes: Deichmann; watch: DKNY; earrings: from local shop

Top: from local shop in Trieste (Italy); jeans: H&M; bag: Mango;
 bracelets: purchased in Venice, made of Murano glass; 
shoes: purchased in local shop here around; watch: DKNY; earrings: Mango

 Top: H&M; tunic: Vero Moda; cropped pants: S.Oliver; bag: Baťa;
shoes: DKNY; watch: Calvin Klein; earrings: from local shop

It's quite obvious, that I am all about comfort these days. The summer has come back for a couple of days now and it's HOT, I mean 36-degrees-of-Celsius-in-shadow HOT, which I LOVE, because I think Summer should be hot, but it's quite challenging to wear something not too revealing (to work) and still not melt in not air-conditioned spaces. 

Hmmm, I miss the sea :-/. 

I hope you've got great last days of summer :-)!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

If you are looking for a great shampoo...

... and conditioner, search no more. 

If you are looking for a great shampoo and conditioner, you're like me. I am always on a hunt for a shampoo and especially a conditioner or a hair mask, that would change my tired curly hair into the beautiful bouncy curls we all know from TV ads. 

I am not saying I have discovered this probably non-existent magic remedy, but the Schwarzkopf's GLISS KUR Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin Complex does make my hair softer, shinier and healthier. It promises to help with hair that is damaged and dry (hello, my hair) and it promises to eliminate even an extreme damage done to hair with help of its triple dosage of said liquid keratin complex. 

I was originally seduced to buy these hair products because of their packaging. The black color makes me feel like I am getting a heavy-duty product that's going to do its work. Sounds stupid :-)? Maybe, but the Schwarzkopf's design department had to do something right :-). 

What I like about the SHAMPOO is, that already the shampoo makes my hair feel soft while washing it. Shampoos usually tend to clear hair of all the styling products buildup and other possible dirt, but they leave my hair somehow coarse and dry. This shampoo softens my hair even before the conditioner usage. 

The CONDITIONER (not in the picture) and HAIR MASK are really good. I tried many hair balms and masks in my life and these compare to the professional ones, that usually cost X-times more that drugstore products. In fact, they are even better than some of the pricey products I tried in the past.

If I have time, I put the mask on my hair for a couple of hours, sometimes even the whole day if I am just lazing around at home and let it do its job. I do this with all the hair masks and treatments - at least once a week, if the time allows me to. Deep conditioning is a basic step to healthy hair (not ruining them with tons of hair color and bleach helps too :-))...

Since the shampoo, conditioner and mask are really good ones, I bought the Ultimate Repair Regenerating Express Leave-In Balm (big bottle) and the Ultimate Repair and Gloss Leave-In Treatment (small bottle). I don't thing you need both of them. The first one is a liquid leave-in balm, the second one is a combination of a balm and gloss. I prefer the smaller one, I think it's somehow more concentrated, although it's only my personal feeling, it doesn't say anything like that on the bottle. I use it on my entire hair after I towel it dry. It makes it softer and easier to comb through. 

The bottom line: if your hair is dry, damaged, or coarse and you are on a budget (hell, even if you are not), this hair products set is worth trying out. 

Do you have a tip for a great hair product?

Friday, 19 August 2011

OOTD... and Do You Know Pylones?

Sometimes comfort is what comes first. With this on my mind I rummaged in my closet and this clothes ensemble fit the bill. With some eye-catching accessories I didn't even feel sloppy in the oversized shirt, even though my hair was a bit of a mess ;-P.

 Shirt: H&M; jeans: H&M; bag: Mexx; shoes (I love theeeese): found in a local boutique; 
watch: DKNY; isoterm bottle: Pylones

Do you know Pylones? I discovered a shop with these fun, colorful products about a year ago in London's Notting Hill. Later on, I discovered other shops in Paris and Prague and as I understand it now it's a French network of gift boutiques that's really worth checking out. They sell everything from bathroom accessories to kitchenware in very fun, pretty designs. The shops are like sweetshops/candy stores for adults. This is one of the isotherm bottles I've got from them. I've got it in two designs, but I can't exclude the possibility of getting another one or two in my future, since I have un unhealthy affection towards isotherm bottles and tumblers :-). And the Pylones designs somehow lift spirits by just looking at them :-). Have a look yourself: Looveee :-).

I'm wearing OPI nail polish - Barefoot in Barcelona. This nail polish goes with everything - it's like an LBD of nail polishes :-).

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, 18 August 2011


I wanted to feel comfortable and have something to cover up my shoulders for the case the sun decides to hide again (like for the most of time this summer). That's how I ended up with this outfit.  

White top with a shawl effect : from a local shop in Croatia; the belt: Mango (came with a dress); cardigan: United Colors of Benetton; jeans: H&M; shoes: Deichmann; watch: DKNY; leather bag: from local shop in Venice; earrings: I don't remember :-); tired face: came home with me from work :-)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Italy and Croatia Haul, Part I

I love bags. Especially big, oversized, statement bags. Structured bags, boho bags, slouchy bags... you name it. I have many. I don't need another one. So, of course, as I was in Venice and Zadar (Croatia) I bought three. *hides shame behind an innocently looking face*

The first one is something I usually go for. I am never tired of this style. Big, slouchy, calf leather bag in python look. Bought in Venezia. This one is BIG. Exactly what I like. I can carry in it everything I need. And more. And in fact, I do carry in it everything I need as well as a ton of stuff I don't really need, but since the bag is so big, why leaving all the stuff at home, right? ;-)

The second one is a bit of an opposite to the first one, but I like it just as much. Ladylike leather bag in reptile look. This one is very elegant, in my humble opinion and what's important, it's still big enough, so that I can carry all the unneeded stuff around with me..., you've already got the idea... :-).

The third bag is a grass-green leather briefcase-like bag. A summer version of a black and brown classics, if you need just a pop of color for a plain outfit or maybe to keep up with the trend of the color block fashion. The style is probably most suitable for an office or a similar office-like environment. The bag is big enough to carry A4 documents and papers, quite sturdy in its construction, but not really heavy, so it won't add up to the possible weight of said paperwork.

... yeah, I am quite aware of my little problem :-). Bags are something I can't really resist. As I see one I like, one I really like, it's hard not to give in to my bag obsession. As Oscar Wilde said, "I can resist everything except temptation." ;-)...

But I try :-).

Is there anything you can't really resist buying even if you know you shouldn't really... :-)?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It has been about two years now...

...that I was realizing my nails were getting weak, very breakable and even a slight attempt to let them grow a bit ended up with a terribly looking broken nail that looked like I didn't care for them at all. After trying out a hundred things unsuccessfully, including special nail polishes, cuticle creams and vitamins for better hair and nails, I ended up going to a manicurist and getting gel nails. The motivation was my wedding, since I didn't want to sport my terrible nails in pictures of our wedding bands and I don't regret it at all. 

The nails are made as if I had a french manicure, so even if not lacquered, they look pretty and manicured. They are a bit grown out at the moment, I have to go back for a regular correction, but otherwise I really enjoy this dramatic change. Well, dramatic for me :-).

Cool metallic blue, like sea after a summer storm. S.he nail polish in No. 275 - without flash...
 ...with flash:

 One of my favorite summer colors ever - Orly Pixy Stix. Love it.

I am litreally living in these this summer. They are comfy like slippers, but stylish and go with nearly everything. DKNY.

Now, this caught me unprepared. This is the first time in my life that I discovered someone selling  notebooks for the upcoming year in August. It made me feel a bit depressed. I still hope for a couple of hot summery days, which are rather rare this summer :-/ and this made me think of winter and cold which I'm not a great fan of... Nevertheless, I bought these two, since I find them cute anyway.

See you soon :).

Monday, 8 August 2011

Wedding, Vacation and Some Beauty Products (pic heavy)

I had been very busy lately. I married my bf in July and since I was preparing and creating myself the majority of the decorations for the wedding, like sewing decorative tablecloths, ringbearer pillow, garters, napkin rings and creating other stuff, I didn't have much time to blog :-/. It was really fun, I also think the result was worth all the work and I enjoyed the creative process a lot, but it was very time-consuming and exhausting.

I only have a couple of the professionally made pics from the wedding so far (I'll get the rest soon) and some made by my friends, so if you'd be interested, some of them are here...

The style of the wedding was a combination of shabby chic, damask and a little bit of Paris :-). The color scheme black, white, magenta, baby pink and off white. The little bows and napkin circles etc are actually in magenta color, but since the after-ceremony part of the wedding took place in a garden under wedding tents, the shadow shows the color somehow reddish in the pics.

I hope to get a better picture of the cake from our professional photographer, since the roses had the perfect fuchsia/magenta color, which doesn't show here. The bakery had done a perfect job - the cake was exactly how I imagined/described it and it was delicious as well.

Now I'm back from vacation in Croatia and Italy and I feel all motivated and prepared to blog, so we might be seeing us more often ;-)...

In Venice, Italy:

Vodice, Croatia:

Šibenik, Croatia:

Funtana, Croatia:

Pula, Croatia:

You might get the impression I love taking pictures of sunsets... ;-)

So now, since this is a beauty and fashion blog and not a photo album, (sorry for that picture-loaded part :-P), let me show you some beauty products I treated myself to lately. These are from the older MAC collections (I bought them in an outlet store), but I like them all the same. 

MAC Mega Metal eyeshadow - Sex-pectations:

...photorgaphed with flash:

... no flash and in comparison with (from left to right) - Kryolan Cranberry, Stars Make-up Heaven Shimmerbrick, Peggy Sage Cuivre Egyptien, MAC Sex-pectations:

... on my eyelids:

I've talked about my tiny;-) obsession with plum/cranberry/burgundy eyeshadows before, so it is probably no surprise, that this particular MAC eyeshadow made its way right into my eyeshadow stash. It has got a light metallic touch, nothing too-much-screamin'-into-your-face, so it can be pretty much office-approprtiate when toned down with some other neutral colors.

Another MAC product I purchased and LOVE already is this bronzer/blush trio. The colors are really lovely. Very subtle, muted, porcelain-like, but buildable.

... I mixed both blush colors (far left finger and far right finger) for my cheeks:

Have a lovely week and see you soon :-)!