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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Essence and L'oreal Haul

Recently I've discovered a YouTuber called I believe Erna (her channel's called MeinJadore) - a very sweet and beautiful girl, who uses quite a lot of products from Essence - a German brand of drugstore cosmetics. (If you speak German, check her out!) Their products are not expensive and one can sometimes think, that it would influence the quality, but as I'm thinking about it now, I have never bought an Essence product, that wouldn't be good. I use their eyebrow filler, eyebrow pencils, manicure products, bronzers (their mousse bronzer I got like 2 years ago is perfect)... and I use many of them on a daily basis. 

So, Erna inspired me to have a second look at some more of their products - and I am not disappointed. I bought 6 products, paid 15,84€ and I love all of them. I think I'll be back for some more that caught my eye but were left in the store.

Nail polishes:
From L to R: Most Wanted (66), Movin' On (69), Pixie Dust! (05), Hex hex! (02):

Pixie Dust for 2,29€ (without flash/flash):
This gold is beautiful. It is not that screaming-at-me fake gold, but an elegant and subtle golden shade.

Most Wanted for 1,80€ (without flash/flash):
Something between brown, purplish and muddy - the way I like my nail polishes to be :-).

Movin' On for 1,79€ (without flash/flash):
Lovely and elegant lightly muddy grey-ish shade. I'd call it oatmeal without the brown flecks...

Hex Hex! for 2,29€ (without flash/flash):
Strong gunmetal grey, a great Fall color.

I love this look - every nail a different color, but all in these earthy shades...

This is a powder highlighter. It's in the color 01 Summer Glow (which says me there has to be maybe another color, but it wasn't in the store anymore). I think this is a limited edition product, meant for Summer. It's very finely milled and I think it will be great for highlighting cheekbones or under eyebrows... Retails for 3,79 for 6g. 

Photographed with flash:

The last Essence product I've got is this allover shimmer powder in the color 02 Miami Heat for brunettes and darker skin (3,88€). The colors are so nice - warm browns, golds and a pink. Although I prefer to use matte products on my cheeks, this can be used on eyes, or even a body and I like the color so much that it just ended up in my shopping bag. 

Photographed with flash:

The last thing I've got were these two L'oreal Infaillible eyeshadows. I've already got three of these at home (I blogged about two of them here). I wanted to get a purple one, but as I spotted these two LE shades, I've changed my mind (I'll get the purple one another time anyway :-P...). These colors are gorgeous

021 Sahara Treasure, 024 Bronze Goddess - in all the pictures Sahara Treasure is on the left side, except of the one in the right lower corner:

The colors are very pigmented and I couldn't not buy them, even though they were something around 12,95 € a pop. They are amazing (at least at the back of my hand so far :-).

Photographed with flash:

Which inexpensive cosmetics brand, where the products are of a good quality, do you like?

Friday, 9 September 2011

La Roche-Posay Autohelios

I am a big fan of fake tan. Since my skin is not big friends with the Sun, I can't really sunbath or even use tanning beds. When going to the beach, I use a lotion with SPF 50+, because my skin is naturally quite fair and is prone to get red, not bronzed. As I was a child, a teacher once told me I looked like a Snow White, so you get an idea :-)... It's not very convenient, but on the other hand, what I am saying to myself is, that at least I won't look like this at the age of 50 :-P.

Since I don't sunbath, but like my skin to look tanned, I use self-tanners. I repurchase L'Oreal Sublime Bronze and St. Moriz on a regular basis, but the other day I somehow ended up with a new self-tanning cream and I think it's perfect. So, naturally, why not to spread the word :-)?

The cream is from La Roche-Posay, which is a cosmetics brand retailed in pharmacies here around. They specialize on skincare products I believe. I always eyeball their products and never get anything, I don't even know why, since I haven't heard about a La Roche-Posay product that wasn't good. Never mind. Let's move on.

See the product:

The tube of La Roche-Posay Autohelios describes it as a moisturizing self-tenner in a melt-in gel consistence. I don't really see where this is a gel, it is just a light cream, but that's what it says. It also states, that it's for sensitive skin. The 100ml tube costs something about 20 Euros (but the price depends, of course...). I've seen it cheaper on the internet.

The product promises to give a natural gradual tan with no streaks. And it does what it promises. I use this every morning (instead of a moisturizer) before putting my make-up on and it does exactly what it promises. The cream blends well, doesn't dry my skin up (like some of the self-tanners) and it gives me a natural (not orange) tan. The color is definitely buildable, so you can apply it day after day, until getting the right shade and then maintain the tan with an every second/third-day application.

I haven't used it on my arms (or other body parts) yet, just my face and décolleté, but I think that because it is lightly applicable and really doesn't leave me with streaks of color, it will be good for that too.

Maybe one tip for other self-tanners users out there (although not a new one, for sure): use gloves to apply your self-tanner. It makes life a lot easer. Use either surgeon gloves (normally retailed at pharmacies, at least where I live) or (and this is what I prefer) a suitable glove that was packed in a box of a hair color set (of course, not a used one :-). Not all the gloves are the same, but I've discovered one which is somehow latex-y, but without the rubbery feel to it and it is so easy now - I don't have to worry about discolored palms of my hands or orange nail cuticle. But the surgeons' one will do too.

The bottom line: I can definitely recommend this self-tanner, because 1) it is moisturizing, 2) gives naturally looking, not orange-y tan, 3) doesn't leave color streaks and 4) the color is buildable and you can get a very subtle tan or I-just-came-back-from-the-Caribbean look.

Do you have a favorite self-tanner?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Quick Tip

Do you sometimes have problems with eyeshadow fallouts? Eyeshadows and pigments can be sometimes pretty messy. It doesn't take much and you end up with dark smudges under your eyes, that don't want to go away and every attempt to get rid of them makes them somehow more blended into the skin.

There are more ways to avoid this, one of them being to apply the foundation after the eye make-up is done, but I don't prefer it this way. What I like to do is no new discovery of the cosmetics industry, but for those, who haven't stumbled upon this quick tip, here is a foolproof way to protect your freshly applied make-up from colored under-eye circles.

Get a bottle of basic baby powder. Get a small (but not too small:-)) amount of it onto an (ideally) flat surface. I used the top of a bronzer box, which is black and it's placed on a black table (great composition, I know...), but you get the idea. You might need a bit more than in the picture for both your eyes.


Get a fair amount of the powder on your finger (not only the finger tip) and pat it under your eyes.

Do your eye make-up. 

Now brush away the powder with all the unwanted eye-shadow fallout. Do it very lightly, brushing it off from the surface, your face :-), with no pressure. An ideal brush for this is a preferably fine fan brush like the one in the picture (this one is from Gosh). 

And you are done.

Don't be afraid, you won't end up with a white or dried up face. And it works :-).

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lost In Mud by Catrice

This is an amazing nail polish. I had got it among others some time ago and have not tried it on since. Since I own a fair amount of nail polishes, I've decided to actually wear them regularly and this one was picked out to accompany my nails on Saturday. The second I put it on, I loved it. The brand is called Catrice and I think it's a German brand of cosmetics which retails in drugstores across Europe. I've got mine in DM (Drogerie Markt). You can find their website here

I just LOVE the color. It is the right combination of muddy/lilac-y/greish color and its called Lost In Mud (No. 220). The polish has a creamy texture and the color is rather difficult to photograph, so I took a couple of pictures under different light conditions, so that you can get an idea.

Here are the other colors I've got. The polishes are not expensive, I believe they cost something between 3 and 4 Euro a pop, the range of colors is quite wide and I think they are worth checking out.

I was seduced by these colors:

From left to right: Lost In Mud, Let's Mauve On!, Iron Mermaiden, Purplelized, From Dusk To Dawn and Be My Millionare

From left to right: Lost In Mud, Let's Mauve On!, Iron Mermaiden

From left to right: Purplelized, From Dusk To Dawn and Be My Millionare

The names of some of these are little wordplays reminding me of OPI nail polishes with their fun names based on the same naming philosophy.  

I think I wore Be My Millionaire once, but I have to do that with the other colors as well. For me, these are rather Fall colors, so I am waiting for the right weather and mood :-). 

The Lost In Mud has quickly become one of my favorite nail polish colors. It's got an expensive feel to it without the high-end cosmetics price tag.

Have you discovered a beauty product with an unexpected wow-factor?