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Saturday, 15 October 2011


I have accumulated quite a lot of things to write about, but I had no time to make them into proper blog posts. I've got some clothes, accessories and hair styling tools. While the clothes and accessories are a matter of personal taste, the hair styling tools deserve a proper review, especially because I am pretty much satisfied with these purchases and it may be helpful for some of you to know, what to expect from them if you by a chance think about purchasing one or another. 

... in the meantime...

This stole from Accessorize quickly became one of my favorite scarves - it combines many pretty colors and patterns, which make the stole wearable through Summer and Winter. 

The mustard colored bag from H&M with a long brown strap has the color of the season - mustard/ocre and can be worn not only with my mustard colored sweater, but it goes well with other Fall colors, like rust, burgundy, orange or strong blue.

My naturally curly hair is getting somehow tired  (I'd need a good trim, but can't bring it over me just yet:-)), so I was looking for something to bring it back to life for now. If you want to know how to get curls like these, stay tuned ;-)...

I hope you have a lovely weekend, mine has been sweet so far ;-).