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Sunday, 20 November 2011

NARS Danmari All About Cheek Palette

This is one of the latest exclusive for Sephora NARS releases I purchased during my recent visit to Sephora in Prague - a limited edition Danmari All About Cheek Palette

It comes in a black and red paper box...

... and is made of the well known rubber-like black plastic.

The palette contains six products - a highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes and has got a mirror inside.

What Sephora website says about the palette:
"Based on the exquisite tradition of Kabuki theatre, a classical Japanese dance drama, this palette features six high-pigment cheek powders that let you play up your features like a true performance artist. The ultimate authority in blush, this limited-edition mirrored holiday NARS compact features the essential blush and bronzer shades, ranging from warm bronze and luminous highlighting hues to shockingly bright pink. Turn a new cheek with this fashion-forward mix created exclusively for Sephora."

The products you get are:
Upper row: Hungry Heart I highlighter, Orgasm blush, Desire blush
Lower row: Casino bronzer, Super Orgasm blush, Sin blush

...photographed with and without flash:

The colors are really pretty and well pigmented.

Hungry Heart I is an ivory color with golden glitters,
Orgasm, probably one of the most popular NARS blushes, is a shimmery peachy pink color with subtle golden glitters,
Desire is a matte hot pink color, which is nicely build-able, so although it looks very intense in the palette, when applied with a light hand, you get a very wearable tone,

Casino is a lightly shimmery warm brown color,
Super Orgasm is a shimmery peachy pink color with more and bigger golden glitters than in Orgasm,
Sin is a shimmery muted plum/berry color with a barely-there doses of golden glitters. 

There are 3,5 grams of every product, in comparison to a regular NARS blush which contains 4,8 grams of product.

Personally, I really like the palette. It contains a nice combination of blush colors, which suit most skin tones and since it contains a bronzer and a highlighter as well, it is perfect for traveling. It cost me approximately 56,-€, which I think is quite a lot for "a couple of colorful powders", but on the other hand, for this price you would barely get two NARS blushes or bronzers, so from this point of view it was a good deal. 

All in all, the palette is a nice addition to the blushes I own so far. I don't have a bright pink blush or this kind of a plum cheek color, so when not taking into account the fact, that I do have NARS Orgasm, I am pretty satisfied with this purchase :-).

Have you got a beauty product lately that you think is worth sharing :-)?