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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chanel Péridot Dupe from S.he Stylezone

If you happen to live in one of the countries with DM (Drogerie Markt) drugstores, you might know the s.he stylezone cosmetics. It´s a decorative cosmetics brand by DM and offers various decorative cosmetics products for very reasonable prices.

No, I am in no way associated with DM or this cosmetics brand, this boring intro is just for the sake of introduction of the brand ;-)...

I only have a couple of nail polishes from s.he stylezone, usually in some unusual colors which I don´t wear very often, but this one shade might have changed my mind and I´ll have a better look at their nail polishes now. As I spotted this metallic gold-green color, it reminded me immediately of Chanel´s Péridot. I have always wanted that nail polish, but never came around to buying it and it´s quite possible that I won´t feel the "necessity" to buy it anymore, because I find this one (No. 317) to be a dupe good enough. Especially for the price of around 2,45€... It has got an amazing staying power (at least on my gel nails) and one to two coats are enough to achieve a pretty opaque effect.


Since I don´t own the Chanel´s Péridot, I can´t make a one-next-to-the-other comparison, but there are many pictures of Péridot swatches all over the internet, so you can see for yourself.

I don´t think these pictures do this nail polish justice, since they can´t capture the real metallic effect of changing its color depending on how the light is hitting on the nail surface - the nails can look like liquid antique gold or show the polish´s greenish reflection.

Very pretty...

For those, who tend to be influenced by a product´s packaging - I don´t think that these nail polishes have a very eye-catching or attractive packaging. The cube-like white plastic cover with the blue writing don´t scream "I am a pretty nail polish, please, buy me", but in this case I don´t mind sacrificing the "pretty face" for a good and inexpensive product inside.

What about you - do you buy (or don´t buy) a cosmetics product based on its packaging? 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fashion Bits and Pieces

from L up to R down: gold collar (H&M) and blue jumper (Mango), bag (Zara), gold bracelets (H&M) / scarf  (Lindex), black and gold necklace (H&M), gold watch (ck) / boots (Hunter), nail polishes (Essie - Stylenomics, Recessionista), coral and gold necklace (Lindex)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Interbeauty and Peggy Sage Cosmetics

As I was adding some pictures to this old post, (they were accidentally deleted, because I was messing with the Picasa Album), I somehow managed to publish it as a new post. Sorry, dear readers - it was 2010 back then :-).

A couple of days ago, there was this cosmetics exposition in my city called Interbeauty. Since I started to somehow „obsess“ about beauty products only about a year ago :-P, I have only been to this exposition twice so far. This time I was not very much in a mood to wander among all the stands with hundreds of beauty products (maybe because it was Friday and I was exhausted from the whole workweek) and I regret a bit now, that I did not spend more time exploring new make-up possibilities. But nevertheless, I focused on the cosmetic brands, that I remembered from the last time I’ve been to this affair.

The last year I have discovered this (for me) new French cosmetic brand Peggy Sage. The brand is not available in the stores here yet, which I think is a pity, since I really like the quality of the wide range of their products so far. And as a bonus, the products are not very pricey either. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at what I’ve got.

I purchased three of their mosaic powders - Été Indien (Indian Summer), Soleil d’Hiver (Winter Sun) and Désert Rose (Desert Rose). The names themselves make me want to buy them - I am an easy prey for the cosmetic industry :-). The colours are really beautiful and I had a hard time choosing from the six colours available. The marble structure of these colours let you use the lighter and darker parts of the powders separately, so for example, the lighter parts of Soleil d’Hiver are perfect as an eyebrow bone highligter. These powders are fine and very soft, so they are easy to work with and you only need to touch them with a brush very lightly to get a beautiful shimmery colour on your cheekbones.

From left to right: Été Indien, Soleil d’Hiver and Désert Rose, photographed in a daylight/direct sun:

Then I couldn’t resist their shimmering illuminating powders either. Now let me tell you, that I was not very much interested in highlighters until a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been to London lately and I wanted to get my mits on the Boots No.7 highlighter, which I heard was a perfect dupe for one of the Benefit highlighters (High Beam, Moon Beam). Only there I found out, that there were two shades available and since there also was a great deal offer – 3 products for the price of 2 – I couldn’t help myself and purchased both of them (shame on me :-)). Now, these are liquid highlighters (Pink and Peach) and I find liquid highlighters a bit tricky to work with. IMO the best way to use them is probably to mix them with a foundation. On the other hand, it is easier to use powder highlighters, since you can easily use them after applying the foundation and powder, regulating the amout on shimmer and light on your cheeks. The Peggy Sage illuminating powders are nicely soft and pigmented and it is a pleasure to work with them. I purchased two of four shades available, but I can’t wait to get the other two as well (a boohoo for my greed :-)).

Caramel, a great golden tone on the left, Abricot, a nice peachy shade on the right: 
Peggy Sage cosmetics has a great choice of eyeshadows. Since I already had 5 powders in my shopping cart :-), I tried to focus on eyeshadow colours, that would be an added value to what I already had at home. I chose 4 really great colours, which I found somehow unique. Gris Vert (Grey-Green), Vert Bronze (Green-Bronze), Violet Magic and Cuivre Egyptien (Egypian Copper). I have to say, I am always weak when I see a beautiful purple colour, be it aubergine, bordeaux or cranberry. The two purplish colours I picked up are just beautiful, each of them from a different purple-colour family. Violet Magic is a purple-black colour full of fine purple glitters and Cuivre Egyptien is a great pinkish-bronzy shimmery colour.

Photographed with flash the colours are shown most accurately (Violet Magic, Cuivre Egyptien):

The other two shades are harder to describe, but they both could be labelled as grey. Gris Vert (left) is a shimmery metallic colour with a hint of green and Vert Bronze (right) could be described as a lightly shimmery grey with a hint of silver (I wouldn’s say bronze as in the name of the colour). 

The last but not least to mention is their matifying base (Base matifiante visage), which is really great, very much comparable to Smashbox Photo Finish primer and for 11,80 Euro (30 ml) just a perfect purchase. I bought it on the Interbeauty exposition a year ago and it sure is worth repurchasing. It leaves my face perfectly smooth and gives a great base for any foundation.

To finish this (already long enough) post, I would like to mention yet another product which I purchased on the expo. It caught my eye, I didn’t think about it profoundly and I just bought it. It is a Teracotta Blush-on from Flormar, a brand that I saw in some shopping centers here, planned to stop by and have a look, but didn’t until now. This colour probably has no name, it is a number 45 and it‘s a shimmery pink-burgundy-golden shade. This blush is not so finely milled and soft as the Peggy Sage ones, so  I feel as if the shimmery parts are harder to keep on the face while applying. On the other hand, I found the color to be nicely intensive and unique enough to purchase it.

I plan to have a look at other of their products, maybe even some more of the teracotta blush-ons and surely eyeshadows (looks like I can never have enough of those :-)).

... From the Essie Fall 2012 Collection

If you still don´t feel like Fall is definitely here, with these nail polishes you will. Essie´s Stylenomics and Recessionista are the perfect shades for Fall - toad-like green and aubergine, one to two coats are enough to get a pretty opaque finish. 
Not that I am a green-nail-polish-kinda-woman, but this very dark shade of green doesn´t scream "green-on-your-nails!" and is therefore very wearable, even if you are not willing the world to see you as an extravagant girl.

Stylenomics on my ring finger, Recessionista on the rest

Now I am on the market for more Essie polishes. I´d love to get Penny Talk and Sure Shot

For starters :-).

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Black and Gold for Fall

Here - a couple of fashion accessories I´ve acquired for the upcoming Fall season. I think that in spite of their classic color combination, the right portion of added metal can turn a classic black accessory into an edgy one.

Hunter Belsize boots
I lived in these the whole last Winter and Spring and took them off only as it was too awkward to wear a rubber boot in 20°C. 
This new pair in the leather look is pretty elegant - as far as you can describe a rubber product as "elegant" :-).

pic source

I couldn´t wait to wear the new pair, so I did not wait for rain and took them out for Saturday morning grocery shopping.


Here are some more black and gold accessories, which found their way home with me.

 MANGO half moon earrings
 (find it here)
 MANGO double chain bracelet
(find it here)
 H&M two gold bracelets in a pack

Next on my wish list:
Hunter Original Glossy Boots in stone / Hunter Belsize Boots in bitter chocolate / NARS Foreplay blush / MANGO leather effect cuff
 Yes, Hunter boots on my radar again. I can´t help it - we are just meant to be ;-).

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Garnier Skin-perfecting Products

I am not a big fan of tinted moisturizers. Or maybe I should say I wasn´t, because I am officially a convert now. Maybe not a fan of every tinted moisturizer out there, but the ones I can recommend so far - BB Creams from Garnier.

As Garnier came out with these, I didn´t even bother to swatch/test one. I tried out some tinted moisturizers in my past, but never really liked any of them. Maybe they are generally a good choice for girls with faultless skin, but mine is not like that, so except of giving me some (often orange-y) color, they were not much of a contribution to my beauty routine.

I know, BB creams are not “just tinted moisturizers”, so maybe I am comparing pears with apples here, but for me, they are in the same category. They are supposed to substitute a foundation on a good-skin-day or for someone who just doesn´t need a foundation altogether (no, I am not one of these unearthly creatures. Damn. :-))

Now to what I actually have to say…

I´ve got two Garnier BB Creams - one in the color 02 light (the only other available - dark version, was just too dark for me at the time of my purchase) and one in the color medium suitable for combination to oily skin which is supposed to matify a rather oily (and shiny) skin.

I first owned the version for normal skin and I pretty much liked it a lot. It gives me a hint of color (no orange undertones) and it really does what it promises - moisturizes the skin and gives it a more even look. I often use it under my foundation, especially if I use one with less coverage, so the BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector (Daily All-in-one B.B. Cream) makes up for what the foundation wouldn´t be able to do. I probably wouldn´t use this without a proper foundation on top of it, because this doesn´t cover well enough for my taste. It doesn´t fight shine on the places that I need it and because it has a more oily consistence than the matifying version, my skin absorbs it and it doesn´t "stay around" long enough to fulfill the covering function too.

On the other hand, I can picture myself wearing the matifying version of the Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector without any foundation on top of it. The medium color version gives my skin the right amount of color, it evens out my skin tone, makes the skin smoother and definitely matifies is. I can use it under a foundation, but as I previously said, this one would be suitable as a foundation substitute on a good-skin-day for me. And I never really leave home without wearing one, so this alone says something about this BB Cream ;-). 

The third Garnier product worth mentioning here is Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll-on. As with the creams mentioned above, I didn´t even threw a second look on this after seeing it in a TV commercial. I had the non-tinted version at home and I couldn´t imagine how efficient this product could be given its probably runny consistence. After seeing Tiffany D´s video on YT, where she was swearing by this product, I decided to give it a try. And I am really happy I did, ´cause I love it.

The stick has a steel roller ball tip which feels quite cooling in the under-eye area. If kept in the fridge, it can help fight swollen eyes in the mornings (just a quick tip of mine). The product itself is more on a liquid-y side (no cream) and it spreads easily. I use to apply it under my eyes with the roller ball and then spread it/work it into the area with a small brush (preferable with synthetic bristles (so the product doesn´t get absorbed into the bristles)). Of course it is just my opinion and experience, but I find this product quite great and I use it at least as often as the YSL Touche Éclat which has been a long-term staple of my beauty routine. Of course, as every liquid-y product, this needs to be set with a light layer of powder. Since we are talking about the under-eye area here, the powder needs to be very finely milled not to set into possible under-eye lines. I use one of these:  Chanel Poudre Cristalline Loose Powder, Benefit Camouflage, Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder or MUFE HD Powder. All these are very fine in texture and don´t get trapped into the lines around my eyes. 

There is a great variety of BB creams out there right now and I am tempted to try out more. Would you recommend any of them :-)?

CU soon! 
(No, really ;-))

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette

I haven´t planned to be absent from my blog for such a long time, but my laptop has died on me and I was hoping that the two repairs it went through would help, but they did not and I ended up empty handed (well, not really empty, but with a dead laptop). I hope to get a new one soon, because woking on a strange one is not such fun, especially while I accumulated quite a bunch of pretty good products to talk about.

So without any further crying over my loss, let´s go to my newest purchase. I was trying to get the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for ages. I am very fond of the first version (blogged about it here) I´ve got it London´s Boots, but I couldn´t track down any website, which would offer shipping the second version to my country. But with some luck, I finally discovered one local retailer offering this palette - and voila, here it is. 

This second palette comes in a tin box, which I think is much more convenient than the first one covered in velvet. It has got a mirror inside, which is this time twice as large as in the original Naked palette, covering now the whole inside half of the palette.

The palette comes with a two-sided Good Karma brush with synthetic fibers, which I haven´t used so far. My original Naked palette had a two-sided 24/7 eye pencil inside (not the brush you can see on the website). 

The Naked 2 palette consists of 12 eye-shadows. 

From l. to r.: Foxy, Half Baked (included in the original Naked as well), Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect

From l. to r.: Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

The colors in the palette are very wearable and can create everything from a barely-there make-up effect to a dramatic smoky eye. I especially like the fact, that the black (Blackout) is this time a matte color (in comparison to Creep in original Naked), since I use matte black a lot lately to give some depth to nearly any crease color and outer eye corners. I haven´t used all the eye-shadows in the palette yet, but from what I see and have used, I like YDK very much, because it brightens eyes nicely - you can experience some fallout with it, but I use this trick to overcome any "harm". Toasted from the original Naked palette is very close to it. The shade Pistol is a very pretty greyish color, but if you own the original Naked, Gunmetal comes very close to it, the only difference being, that Pistol has some taupe undertones in it, whereas Gunmetal is more cold silvery grey. 

In fact, there are twin colors in Naked 2 for a couple of shades in Naked. The next couples could be Snakebite (N2) and Smog, Busted (N2) and Hustle, Suspect (N2) and Sidecar, Bootycall (N2) and Virgin.

Smog, Snakebite, Busted, Hustle, Suspect, Sidecar, Bootycall, Virgin
I haven´t used the brush yet, so I can´t say anything about it so far, except that it has got synthetic fibers.

The Naked palette comes with a small version of Naked Lip Junkie lip gloss. It´s pink, looks quite sheer on  lips, is not sticky, but holds nicely. It is a nice addition to the palette, but I would prefer the get the UD Primer Potion, since this is an eye-shadow palette and that would be a more logical combination.

Having said this all, if you have got the original Naked palette and you are thinking about getting the Naked 2, but are not quite sure, you see that there are a couple of colors that you in fact already have in the original version. Half Baked is included in both versions and there are about 6 other shades that come very close to each other. Looking at it from this perspective, you don´t need it. On the other hand, if you like to have some variations, more possibilities and you feel like these minor differences in the shades together with the other eye-shadows are worth having the Naked 2, you might be happy with the purchase. 

Have a nice week :-).

Sunday, 13 May 2012

About This Blog

I´ve made a decision to change the name of my blog.
When I started to write this blog, it was all about make-up, make-up products and cosmetics. But as the time went by, I felt like this is a subject too restrictive for my taste and I began to think about another blog name, another blog concept. That brought me to thinking about my own style.
The first thing that came to my mind was - Style Over Fashion. The fact, that all the pretty fashionable things around we wear or use can be sometimes pretty silly and one risks to became a fashion victim, if they are not a part of a personal style.
This is not going to be a deep analyses about a lifestyle, a way of life, because real life is much more about everything else than fashion and there are about a million things more important than what we wear or how we look. But that would be a very different blog, with a very different content.
Since this is a blog about a personal style, my personal style than anything else, I began to think about my style and the way I´d describe it. Some people are positively just elegant or sporty, there are bombshells and sexy kittens and people who are in the chic cathegory or hippies all the way. When I tried to describe myself with one word, I came to a dead end. I like so many styles and so many different things, that I don´t think I can describe myself with just one word. I like to be someone else every day if I want (at least style-wise ;-)).
That´s why I think my style can be called just-be-yourself-whoever-it-is :-).
Hence the new name of my blog. Just in case you´d like to know ;-).
That´s it for today.
Have a lovely week!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Electric Blue Match

I was thrilled when I spotted this electric blue suede oversized clutch in Zara a couple of days ago. I know that clutches are not the most conveniet of all handbags for a woman who carries a lot of knickknacks in her bag around, but they are an epitome of elegance for me. So after a short deliberation with myself (will I really be able to use it? do I really need another handbag?) which my vain-self won over my down-to-earth-self, I bought it. 

And I love it. 

I think it's effortlessly chic :-).

Yesterday I went to the shop where I bought my Hunter boots looking for another pair in a light color for spring. Unfortunately, they had not my favorite pair in my size (hope to get them somewhere else anyway!), but I stumbled there upon these:

A pair of Friis & Company shoes in the very same material and shade of electric blue as my Zara clutch. The lovely zipper-like detail on the frilly front and the color attracted me to the shoes right away. And as soon as I was told they had a last pair in my size and they were reduced from 89€ to 25€, I did't hesitate and bought them.

I am not a great fan of matchy-matchy looks and I don't think it's essential to have matching bag and shoes, but it this case, in my opinion these two look great together and it's nice to have the option to wear them together.

It's funny, that these two things were purchased completely separately and they match as if they were made one for another down to the last detail, as the very same shade of metallics used on the bag closure and the zipper teeth on the shoes... :-).

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Great Fashion Finds

Sometimes I just stumble upon the best fashion finds when not looking for them. (Isn't it like that with most of the good things in life :-)?)

The other day I was walking through a department store and just passing the part where they get different clothing brands, when I spotted this fantastic knitted blazer from F&F. Since it looked like it was the only piece hanging there, I nearly run to it to look at the size-tag hardly breathing to see if it was at least somewhere near my size. And bingo! Exactly my size, exactly my style and for 19€ I couldn't believe my luck.

Maybe it's not everybody's cup of tea, but I just LOVE it. I love knitted garments, I love navy theme, I love jackets. And this was love at first sight.

When we are talking about lucky fashion finds... In the middle of winter, during the cape hype, I really wanted to get my hands on a camel colored cape. I even found one I liked, but it was about 70€ and I wasn't sure if it would get enough wear for that price because of what it was - quite an impractical piece of clothing. 

About two days ago I ended up in the same store (C&A) where I spotted the cape I liked the couple of months ago. I didn't expect to see it ever again, especially not with all the summer collections all over the place, but... there it was. Not one, but two different styles, both camel capes, both in sizes I wear - and I couldn't believe my eyes, for 9€ (reduced from 69 and 59€).

I ended up getting a model with a hood (I don't need two camel capes even if they are 9€ each... :-)) and it was even another 25% off at the counter - so I got a great camel cape for 6,75€...!

The actual color is somewhere between these two shades - photographed with and without flash.

I know, that with the fashion moving as fast as the seasons in a year, capes probably won't be the must-have thing the next winter, but I don't mind. I like to wear what I like, if it is labeled by some fashion critics as HOT or NOT ;-)...

Have you got a great deal on something you really liked lately?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Marks & Spencer/Per Una Daffodil Coat

I bought this coat because just looking at it made me feel like spring/summer.

I am a fan of color yellow, but thanks to my skin tone I can't pull this color off in most of its hues. But as soon as I spotted this bright coat I just loved it and wanted it right away - even if the color was going to make me look like a zombie. In the store under the lamps and a lack of daylight, it looked like a highlighter yellow - the probably worst shade of yellow ever against my skin tone, but I didn't care.

After looking at it in the direct daylight, the coat showed its true colors - a lovely daffodil yellow. It has got a pretty colorful stripey lining which gives the coat an extra dosage of interest and I'd love to have a top in its colors. 

I put it on as soon as the weather let me. In fact, it was already pretty warm and I wouldn't need to wear a coat, but some ten degrees of Celsius won't stay in my way and stop me from wearing it ;-)...!

I wore it with a striped top to make a transition from the coat to the rest of what I wore. Since I couldn't wear anything really summery, but still wanted to reflect the coat's vibe into the rest of my outfit, I wore this top from Promod. Yeah, pretty straightforward, color-color, stripe-stripe...

Since I love the lining, I went back to the store to check if they don't have a top in the fabric. Because I only found a matching dress and a skirt and they were not in these exact colors I wanted, I ended up with this oversized scarf. It's beautifully multicolored, so it goes with just every color of a typical summer wardrobe. It's very versatile, there are different colors dominating different parts of the scarf and depending on which part of the scarf you let showing, the scarf can look a hundred different ways. 

The next time I wear my daffodil coat this I-had-an-accident-in-a-wall-paint-store scarf will make us company ;-).

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review: Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

I was in the market for a set of hot rollers for some time now. Since I have good experience with hot styling tools from Remington, I was looking at some Remington rollers sets. Until I first read about the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers.  

I think I first read about these on Laura's blog and the product's description left a good impression on me. So I started to look for them on the internet, but the few sellers who had them Europe-wide were only in the UK, no international shipping available. Well, there was one possibility - to get them from John Lewis with a special international shipping option, but the shipping cost would be nearly as high as the price of the product, making it a no real option for me.

So I was extremely happy as I found out, that got these rollers recently and ships them internationally! The shipping was extremely fast - I used a standard (no extra fast) shipping option and I had them in my hands in less than 48 hours. Since these have really good reviews all over the internet, I couldn't wait to try them out. 

Here's my review:

- duo heat technology - rollers emit heat from the inside
- butterfly clips with metal plates to emit heat from the outside of hair strands as well
- moderate heat when in hands, high heat in the hair, cools in 10 minutes
- 10 medium and 10 large velvety rollers
- LED indicator shows when the rollers are prepared to be used (2 minutes)
- cord storage in the base of the heating unit (although I personally am not able to squeeze it in)

The hot rollers come in a big box. The box is actually about twice as big as the heating unit (case) with the rollers, but it helps to keep the product safe (especially during shipping). The packaging is - according to me - pretty and leaves an impression of a quality product.

The heating unit that carries the rollers gives quite a sturdy impression. It's quite heavy, all black, with a black see-through plastic cover.

The case carries 20 rollers. These are covered in velvet, ten of them with a diameter of about 2,3 cm and ten with a diameter of 3 cm.

There is a slit in each roller, which enables the roller to sit on a metal plate in the case, that carries the heat to each roller. 

The case carries all 20 rollers complete with butterfly clips.

From inside, the clips are equipped with metal plates that emit the heat also from the outside of the rolled hair strand.

When the case is plugged in the electricity, the word "Enrapture" lights up on the front side of the case.

About two minutes after switching the unit on, this indicator shows you the rollers are prepared to be used.

After the indicator shows the rollers are prepared, you switch the unit off and begin to use them. I once left the rollers to pre-heat for too long, more than 5 minutes and they were really hot to use - the plastic parts were so hot, that I had to use my heat protectant gloves that came with some Remington hot styling tools. But if you respect the 2 (maybe 3 or 4) minutes of heating time, they are warm, but not too hot to be touched with bare hands. 

When on head, the rollers are quite heavy. I have never had another set of rollers to compare these with, so maybe other rollers aren't really light either, but with a full head of these rollers, you can definitely feel them. I have quite a long hair and it usually takes about 16 to 17 rollers to cover all the strands. 

I use them in the morning, before doing my make-up and keep them in place for about an hour. The producer's instructions say 10 minutes are enough to let them cool and set the style, but if I have more than the 10 minutes, I leave them on my head for a longer time.

I use the bigger rollers on top of my head and at the crown, to get some volume. I was quite skeptical about this volume-thing, since my hair is quite long and the longer and heavier the hair, the harder to get and keep some volume in it. But I have to say, that these really do work well. I use volumizing mousse or spray on damp hair, let them dry throughout the night and in the morning, if the hair is still wet, I finish it with a bit of blowdrying. Then use the rollers. It's important to have the hair completely dried before using the rollers, since the style won't hold on wet hair.

I like the overall results. The one thing that bothers me is that the rollers don't fight the frizziness of my hair, like some hot styling tools with ceramic (and pearl) covering I use, but this can be probably solved by running a flat iron through the hair first and roll the strands after. 

Since one picture is worth a thousand words, let's have a look at the results:

The downside of these hot rollers is the price. They are pricier than other rollers with the price tag of 74.95 pounds (on Amazon), which (with shipping costs something under 8 pounds) cost me 101€. I don't regret getting them even for this price, but it is definitely something to consider when deciding to get the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers.  

One last comment for those who would be interested in these. Since I've got these from the british Amazon web site, the plug is the british version, so if you live let's say in continental Europe, you'll need an adapter to use it (which I don't see as a problem, since they are available in every electro shop). But just so that you know...

The bottom line: 
I enjoy using the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers. I find it quite convenient to curl my hair and let the curls set while I'm doing whatever else I need. They heat up very quickly, even quicker than the time I need to do my morning coffee, it takes me less than 15 minutes to cover the whole head with the rollers and I think the curls are pretty and naturally looking. No artificial ringlets. 
Truth is, that the price tag is something to be considered when making the decision if to get the product or not, but personally I don't regret the money spent on these, since I think I'll use them a lot. 

Do you have a product you would recommend, that maybe somehow pricey for what it is, you don't regret getting? 

Please, share.