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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chanel Péridot Dupe from S.he Stylezone

If you happen to live in one of the countries with DM (Drogerie Markt) drugstores, you might know the s.he stylezone cosmetics. It´s a decorative cosmetics brand by DM and offers various decorative cosmetics products for very reasonable prices.

No, I am in no way associated with DM or this cosmetics brand, this boring intro is just for the sake of introduction of the brand ;-)...

I only have a couple of nail polishes from s.he stylezone, usually in some unusual colors which I don´t wear very often, but this one shade might have changed my mind and I´ll have a better look at their nail polishes now. As I spotted this metallic gold-green color, it reminded me immediately of Chanel´s Péridot. I have always wanted that nail polish, but never came around to buying it and it´s quite possible that I won´t feel the "necessity" to buy it anymore, because I find this one (No. 317) to be a dupe good enough. Especially for the price of around 2,45€... It has got an amazing staying power (at least on my gel nails) and one to two coats are enough to achieve a pretty opaque effect.


Since I don´t own the Chanel´s Péridot, I can´t make a one-next-to-the-other comparison, but there are many pictures of Péridot swatches all over the internet, so you can see for yourself.

I don´t think these pictures do this nail polish justice, since they can´t capture the real metallic effect of changing its color depending on how the light is hitting on the nail surface - the nails can look like liquid antique gold or show the polish´s greenish reflection.

Very pretty...

For those, who tend to be influenced by a product´s packaging - I don´t think that these nail polishes have a very eye-catching or attractive packaging. The cube-like white plastic cover with the blue writing don´t scream "I am a pretty nail polish, please, buy me", but in this case I don´t mind sacrificing the "pretty face" for a good and inexpensive product inside.

What about you - do you buy (or don´t buy) a cosmetics product based on its packaging?