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Monday, 7 January 2013

Seeing Green

Green has become one of the trend colors of this winter season. Forest green, emerald, jade - all the rich green tones that look so amazing in any fall/winter outfit. 

I was not shopping for green clothes pieces just for the sake of having something green in my wardrobe. But looking back at these green jackets and bags I purchased in the last months, I was obviously attracted to the color spontaneously. 

Both the green jackets were purchased at H&M. The one on the left side is a deep forest green, the one on the right side (looking ridiculously similar to the other one in this picture) is a vibrant emerald-turquoise color. 

Both of the jackets are on sale now for 10€ (in multiple colors).

The bags are from Mexx (left) and Pietro Filipi (right). I was very hesitant about the Mexx tote - should I keep it or not (I don't like things unused, just laying around, although this happens to me sometimes). I was asking myself if it was special enough to be reached for often enough to justify its place in my not-magically-expandable wardrobe. But after trying it out with different (especially fall) outfits, I've decided it's a keeper. It looks great with colors like burgundy, magenta, violet, camel, brown, black or any metallics.

The other, jewel-tone bag, is a rather small cross body satchel with gold hardware and this picture doesn't do it justice. It gives a great pop of color to any outfit. I usually wear really big bags, because I tend to carry a ton of things around with me, but this one I just had to have, even though it's smaller than a quarter of any of my usual carry-alls :-).

... and some of my suggestions on how to wear green :-):

Until later ;-)...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Zara Sale Finds

I love sales. Who wouldn't :-). (Well, maybe my husband, because he only likes to buy books and there are no seasonal sales on those, so he barely notices them :-)). But I do. Despite of that, I don't usually wait for things to be on sale, if I really want them, because - as the Murphy's Laws predict - there is never the right size waiting around for me to be bought for a discounted price. 

This winter, there were two things that caught my eye in Zara (a grey coat with leather-optic sleeves and a black suede studded bag), but to make this quick - as I was hesitant about getting them, I haven't got any of those. Instead, while drifting around shops long after sales had started, I've got these:

- an army green long jacket with metallic buttons,
- a peplum chanel-esque jacket (retailed as a "knit cardigan"),
- a viscose scarf,
- a navy blue puffer jacket,
- a cobalt blue suede bag.

I have to admit, that during the season, I completely oversaw most of these items and the only one I eventually had to hunt down was the blue puffer jacket. It all started on a short trip to Budapest, where I spotted this well-made and cozy looking blue jacket in Mango. I loved the color, the golden hardware and the fur collar.

Of course, I hadn't got it.

After thinking about it for a couple of days and coming to the conclusion that it's just what I needed, I discovered, that this damn jacket is just impossible to get (and I was looking for it internationally) - it was sold out even on the internet. From that time on, I was trying to find a good looking navy blue winter jacket. It was only then, that I spotted this one in Zara, but of course, it was sold out in my size. To make the long story short, I managed to get the last piece in my size on sale, in a shop on a short trip like 70km from where I live. 

Not that I wouldn't still want the Mango one as well! I still love it :-).

The other things I've got were not on my "to-get" list, but they ended up in my wardrobe anyway. They pretty much say a lot about what wardrobe pieces I like most. Jackets and bags anyone :-)? 

And that's also a hint of what to expect in my next post.

Until then ;-)...

Friday, 4 January 2013

Mango Winter Collection Finds

This winter, I was shopping with already Spring on my mind. A couple of rather classic pieces in Mango had caught my eye and I've bought them in the course of the season. I haven't got anything that would be strictly just a winter season piece and color-wise, I kept it pretty much within a neutral color palette.

The suede leather jackets.

The jacket in electric blue caught my eye as the first one, I bought it, but then I spotted the navy blue one and couldn't forget it since. So, after a couple of weeks of deliberations with myself, I came to the conclusion that I really needed it :-) and so it ended up in my wardrobe as well. And I love it. It is so dark blue, that at first I wasn't quite sure if it is black or navy (I hate the fact, that there is no natural light in most of the shopping center shops). If it was black, I wouldn't have bought it. I am on the market for a great black leather biker jacket, but I already had the electric blue one at home and I try not to accumulate garments in the same cut just in different colors (yes, I plead guilty, I sometimes do that ;-).
For some reason, I really like the color navy - I think it can be as much classic as black is, but somehow less harsh for an everyday wear and more unexpected for evenings. That might also explain the other navy blue things I've got :-).

I don't think they need much of an explanation. I think the sweaters and the cardigans are the styles, that survive a number of fashion seasons and that's what I had on my mind when purchasing them. 

pic source

OK, these are probably not the most exciting fashion pieces of the season, but recently, I am into getting some classics that can be mixed and matched with other, more of-the-moment pieces and these just fitted the bill :-).

... to be continued (with Zara sale finds :-).

Have a great NEW YEAR full of happiness, creativity and inspiration!