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Monday, 25 March 2013

Orange, Yellow, Blue...

Zara shopper (49,95€), Zara blazer (49,95€), H&M clutch (19,95€)

It's late March, Spring has officially arrived, but I have a little problem feeling it. Maybe because today is -4°C, but hey, maybe it's just me being too petty and it's completely normal to welcome Spring witch teeth chattering...

The one place where I actually can see Spring is shops. So it's no surprise that I have brought a bit of it home with me :).

The orange blazer has the same cut as Zara blazers from one of the last seasons. I have it in four colors already (black, navy, grey, leopard) and wear them all the time. In fact I think this one has my name all over it as well... :).
This might look like a strange shopping behaviour, but when I find something that works for me and becomes a much worn piece, I don't mind buying it in different colors or prints. It makes it easier to dress well even if I'm on a hurry and don't have time to think about it twice.

The yellow neon clutch is substituting the real object of my affection - this neon yellow Cambridge satchel, that I am eyeing for the second season now. I am still debating with myself whether it is smart to buy something that is more trendy than classic and whether I would get much wear of it. But thinking about something for a year might be a signal to give it a go... :).

Is there something you'd like to get, but are not quite sure whether it's worth to invest in (be it something cheaper or more expensive)?

Until next time... ;).

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rainbow Rainboots

Subscribing to newsletters from shops can be pretty dangerous for your wallet, I tell you. The Crocs website is offering 25% off on all items (excluding Jibbitz, to be precise here) and free shipping right now and I just couldn't discard the stupid email before falling in love with the RainFloe boots.

I found the Kelly green ones just perfect to bring a bit of froggy-colored sunshine to a rainy day :). But before ordering, I just wanted to be sure, that the color is as pretty as shown on the Crocs website, so I googled to see some homemade pictures for verification. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to find such a picture of them, but I stumbled upon these on Jana's blog and I loved the color "Pomegranate" immediately, which looked much more vibrant than on the Crocs website. 

A dilemma was born :). 

Before I carry on with this very exciting story (will she get the green?, or the pink?, green?!, pink?! :D) I'd like to mention one lady I once saw on a German reality TV show. This woman used to buy two pieces of every piece of clothing she was getting. She explained, that she was one of twin sisters who were adopted by different families, never met afterwards and because she had not found the sister since, she keeps buying these things in pairs just for the case...

In fact, quite a sad story, but I sometimes act like this woman. I just never had a twin sibling... It's annoying, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

So I've got them both and justified my decision with the sale prices and free shipping, which in fact saved me quite a lot of money. Of course, not as much as not buying any rain boots or only one pair, since I already have e. g. these and these (pulling a guilty face). 

I am a bit disappointed with one thing about the pink pair though. Since I have the Crocs Berryessa winter boots in the size 37,5 (W7) I ordered both pairs in this size as well. Of course, that because these don't have any fur inside, they are less snug than the warmer ones. BUT the pink pair I've got is a bit looser than the green one and therefore not as comfortable to walk in as I'd expect. In fact, I could have gone for a smaller size, but who could have known... I was thinking about sending them back and getting another (maybe a smaller) pair, but I think I will wear them with shoe inserts to make them more fitted.

Crocs RainFloe Boots in Kelly Green
Crocs RainFloe Boots in Pomegranate

And what about you? 
Do you have any strange shopping habits that annoy you?