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Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Jewellery Haul

What I like about accessories is the fact, that they can transform a boring outfit into an interesting one or change the same outfit into a very differently looking one and it doesn't even have to cost a fortune. Although I love so many jewellery pieces from Topshop right now, that I'd need a small fortune to get them all :).

Here are a couple of pieces of jewellery I got recently.

I've discovered this beautiful chunky gold necklace with stones of three colors in Zara. Sometimes when I like something in a store I hesitate whether to get it or not especially because I feel like I shouldn't buy anything to wear for at least a century to get a good use of what I already have at home. Yeah, feeling guilty when shopping sometimes... But this necklace was not such a case - as I spotted it, I knew I'd have buy it, because it is sooo pretty and will be perfect for Autumn outfits.
Zara necklace (22,95 €)

This necklace with three crosses - silver, yellow gold and rose gold is quite a tiny piece of jewellery (especially in comparison to big statement necklaces that I like to wear), it looks very delicate and feminine and because I am in love with rose gold right now, the cross in the middle makes my heart squeak loudly :).

Topshop (approx. 10 €)
Speaking of loving rose gold...  This triple necklace is another classic piece that I love to have in my jewellery collection. It is made of delicate rose gold mini plates and can be worn with very classic clothe pieces as well as with some rock'n roll-y outfits.
Topshop (approx. 18 €)

A big statement bracelet that is a definite eye-catcher, especially if worn with clean-cut clothe pieces.
H&M (9,95 €)
Fun fishbone earrings from Zara. (As if) made for easy breezy summer outfits ;). Enough said.
Zara (9,95 €)

When it comes to accessories, they can make or break an outfit. Have you bought any interesting, beautiful or eye-catching pieces of jewellery recently?

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I Like... #4

Keep Calm badges
Hello Kitty tin suitcase for kids
cute notes box
classic coke lip happiness kit

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher

As I have mentioned in the previous posts here and here, I recently enjoy wearing glitter nail polishes. The last two polishes I wrote about were full of chunky glitters. Today's choice is a bit different. It's from Sally Hansen, it's called Wedding Crasher (No. 450) and it is from the Diamond Strength range (no chip nail color).

I completely love the look of the cyclamen/fuchsia color and zillions of tiny glitters :). The polish looks on the nails exactly as in the bottle, which is not always the case. The trick - to apply three or four layers of it. 

I don't think the photos do it justice, so it would be best to go and grab one to see for yourself ;). This is a great party look, but it can also be a pretty detail to give some interest to a weekend outfit - just for the fun of it :).

Saturday, 25 May 2013

H&M Prim & Proper Nail Polish

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I've become a fan of nail polishes with glitters. Since I have discovered the secret to their full "glittery opacity" (layers, layers and more layers), I enjoy the disco-ball effect on my nails as often as I can :). The upkeep of this look is very easy, because if the nail polish chips, you just need to add more glitters to the empty spot and that's it.  

This time I tried a nail polish from H&M called Prim & Proper. It's a very pretty mix of pink and silver glitter pieces. The nail polish is currently in the H&M stores, together with a variety of other colors. I also got a violet and silver combination called Basement Chill (possibly to be seen in one of my future posts :).

Glitters on nails - a very glam and still easy way to beautify nails. What kind of effects do you like on your nails?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

Today was the first Mother's Day when I could call the day mine as well :). My little son Adam will be 4 months old this week and although the four months are not a time long enough to maybe fully understand what it means to be a mom, it definitely gives you an idea - it's a tough and underpaid job, which requires your full attention 24/7 - physically and emotionally. It doesn't sound like a good deal and sometimes it even doesn't feel like one, but at the end of the day, when you see your child getting smarter and happier day after day, you get your well deserved reward - a big toothless smile (or in my case, a very surprised face expression ;D).

March 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there :)!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Oh My GOSH Ocean Club

I like the effect a glitter nail polish can create on nails, but I just hate removing it from them. The glitters also look always much better packed in the little bottle, than rather sparingly applied on nails (even in two layers), so I usually avoid glitters on my nails, even though I like the look for some occasions.

I´ve got this little bottle of OH MY GOSH nail polish from GOSH in the color Ocean Club (037) imagining my nails looking the same as the nail polish inside. So when it came to applying it to my nails, I just didn´t count the layers and kept layering it on, focusing on every bare spot on a nail, until it looked at least close to what I had on my mind (and in the bottle). I had to use something like one third of the 5ml bottle on a single manicure :).
I used Essie Rock Solid sheer nail polish to cover every (approx.) two layers of the glittery one (and as a base on one of my hands (I was just too impatient to use it when applying on the first hand :)). 

As I was layering it on, I was already dreading the day it would have to go off. I just hate it, when the glitters don´t want to get off and are all over the place on the cotton pads, the cotton pads "glued" to my nails...
I am not sure if it was the rich layering, the sheer nail polish layers or the quality of the Essie polish itself, but this time it came off as a dream. In fact, I didn´t have to use a nail polish remover until the very end for a couple of stray glitters, because the nail polish peeled off easily in one solid piece and I only had to remove a couple of last glitters.

The bottom line: I like everything about this nail polish and seeing how easy it can be to get it off, I can see myself wearing glitter nail polish more often now :). Of course, that it´s not an office space approved nail polish, but it´s just great for weekends and holidays or just to feel cheerier if you like looking at glittery nails as I do :). The bonus of glitters on nails - if the lacquer chips, you just add some more glitters to the needed spot and voilĂ , the nails look as new again :).

Any recommendations for a pretty glitter nail polish? And have you got any foolproof tips to make it look great and get off easily :)? 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

I Like... #3

Lipstick Pen (Accessorize)
Retro Toiletry Bags (Marks & Spencer)
Fairy Cupcakes Tins and a Tin Sign
Kitty Notebooks / Diaries