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Sunday, 30 June 2013

June 2013 Favorites: Beauty Products

I don't use to write the month (beauty) favorites post, especially because I am often faithful and loyal to my tried and tested beauty products and it would be very boring to list the same products over and over, month after month. Nobody wants to read about the Bioderma micelle solution twelve times a year ;). BUT. Even though I often use the same products again and again, I also like to try something new and it sometimes proves to be so good that it becomes a staple or I at least enjoy it for a couple of weeks or months. So that is quite a good basis for monthly favorites posts :).

Here are mine for June:

1. Benefit Hoola bronzer. I only have a small version of this bronzer, which is to be found in The Bronze of Champions kit. I plan to write a solo post about this kit, but because I want to rave about the bronzer alone today, I have removed all the other products from the kit for their photo-shooting :). Anyway, this bronzer is no news in the beauty world, but I have only tried it now and I already love it. It's a completely matte bronzing powder, which when applied with a light hand, gives just the right amount of colour and is buildable, if you like the colour to be more intense. I am definitely getting the normal-sized version.

2. Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer. It took a couple of international flights of my husband to get my hands on this raved about face cream (thank you, airport shops:), but I have finally got it a couple of weeks ago. I think it was Aliz from I Covet Thee, who originally made me want the cream and the orange packaging that looks so fresh and juicy just sealed the deal.  The cream is really as good as everybody says - it is very light, oil-free, it has got a nearly gel-like texture, soaks into skin instantly and it also moisturizes as soon as it gets into the skin. I plan to repurchase it and I hope I'll find it in an internationally shipping online shop eventually... I just wonder why I did not ask for the eye cream as well...

3. Essie Rock Solid transparent nail polish. My nails used to be very weak, very breakable and they kept peeling in layers, so I turned to gel nails three years ago and wore them since. A couple of weeks ago my manicurist advised me to ditch the gel manicure for some time, because for some reason, the gel nails stopped working for me - they kept breaking to the point that it was not fun anymore. So I reluctantly followed her advise and had them removed. I knew what would follow (constantly breaking and peeling nails), so I bought this Essie nail polish that was supposed to make my nails hard enough to keep them growing. I did not believe the promises on the box very much, but I just told myself I'd give it a go - nothing to lose there. I apply this nail polish in at least three layers and never leave my nails without it and I am amazed at how strong they have become. So, my experience says - recommendable!!

4. Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Smoky Eyes Mascara. I don't  want to say that this mascara is a kind of a wonder, but since I just can't find a good and long-usable mascara lately, I am quite happy with this one. It stays wet enough to be applied smudge-free for only something like four to six weeks, (but I am already getting used to this fact about mascaras altogether) and gives nice long, defined and quite dense lashes. So it's a candidate for a repurchase as well.

5. Natural Coco Oil from To be honest with you, this is a natural coco oil that is normally used in the kitchen. To make pancakes and such, you know :). But coco oil is an amazing product for the body as well. It can be used as a body butter - it soaks in quickly and leaves the skin smooooth :). It also has a natural SPF (even though not very high, I think about 3 or 4). It doesn't have to be this particular coco oil from this particular seller - but remember, natural bio coco oil is amazing as a beauty product as well :).

6. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This is my second bottle of this foundation. I am a fan of MUFE and NARS foundations, but this liquid foundation is definitely worth trying out. I have been using it very often in the past months and it is a great foundation and the budget price is just a bonus. It covers nicely and stays put as any other good foundation, so even if you think that only high-end foundations can give you a great complexion, this one may prove you wrong.

7. Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes. I was trying to get at least some of the Sleek palettes for ages. They are pretty popular in the online beauty community and I just want to have them aaaaaaaall :D. I managed to get three of them so far and I keep using them on a daily basis now. I am not saying that I will only use these eyeshdows for the rest of my days, but I understand why they are so popular - they are not very pricey (I've got a deal 3 for the price of 2), offer an interesting and unpredictable variety of shades in each palette and they are even handy if you travel a lot, because of their slim design.

So, these are my most used beauty products of June. In fact, there are a couple more, but since I have discovered some great products only a couple of days ago, it wouldn't be fair to list them here, so they will probably make it to the July list.

If you have any great June favorites, let it be beauty products or just anything you have been loving in June, I would be more than happy to hear from you in the comments.

Have a nice rest of the weekend :).

Saturday, 29 June 2013

What I Wore: H&M Spring Coat

I can't believe I wore a winter hat just two days ago, a couple of days after Summer has officially arrived. The weather was acting crazy, it was rainy and windy, so I wore my spring coat from H&M, that I bought in February. Not that these pictures would really show it off :), but it is quite a classy looking piece - goes with jeans and LBD likewise.

Anyhow, even though the weather made me wear a coat in Summer, I was quite happy to have it on, (even though my face expression does not look like it :). When I bought the piece, I was still fighting with my post-pregnancy overweight, so I bought it in the size I was BB (before the baby:) and hoped to fit in it later. Fortunately, I managed to get rid of 11kg already and although I still have a couple more to shed, I am starting to feel like me again. So yay for me! :)

In fact, this coat is not the only piece of clothing I bought while pregnant, that did not fit me at that time, so I am enjoying clothes I have had for months now, but couldn't wear before.

Have you ever shopped for the body you wanted to have and not the body you had at that time?

H&M spring coat
 Accessorize mint bag
silver earrings with turquoise stones


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I Wore: Cognac Wedge Trainers

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a pair of Dune wedge trainers I've got recently. I absolutely love wearing this kind of shoes, because I don't have to sacrifice the illusion of longer legs, nor the comfort of sporty shoes. 

As I have this unconscious habit of sometimes buying things in pairs (exhibit one and two), I ended up getting these cognac coloured wedge trainers as well. In fact, I first wanted to get a Dune pair in this colour, but because they were sold out in my size, I ended up with the sand-coloured Dune pair and got a cognac-coloured pair from eBay instead. And I absolutely love them. 

They are very comfortable, roomier than the Dune pair, they are really well made and the price is pretty reasonable as well (25 UK pounds). I've got them here from this seller and they are available in black as well.

Since the summer has decided to leave us once again, (it was 14°C and constantly raining yesterday), I had the opportunity to wear them and get some pictures in daylight. Here are some pics of the outfit I wore with them. Nothing overly exciting, but the blue and white ornate jumper (from Warehouse) is definitely worth mentioning. Thanks to the knit part (back and sleeves) it's very comfortable to wear, but the front fabric panel is elegantly flowy and has got a beautiful print. And I think that this hi-low hem style, blue and white colour combination and pattern are universally flattering.

Enough said. Let the pictures do the talking.

And until next time :)...

Warehouse jumper - get it here

cognac-coloured leather jacket (old)
H&M blue and white skull scarf
Accessorize cobalt blue satchel

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

China Glaze & Sally Hansen: Mint and Glitters Manicure

I've got these mint and green China Glaze nail polishes in my stash from the time they were released, which was the last summer I suppose. Maybe even sooner. They are Re-fresh Mint and Four Leaf Clover. I used the Sally Hansen Golden Rule (No. 121) on the mint coloured nails once again, even tough I literally hate removing this stuff from my nails. I wanted to avoid glitters in this mani, but as I didn't like the finish of the mint nail polish on my nails (it wasn't smooth enough for my liking), the glitters just camouflaged the flaws :).

While mentioning the glitter nail polish... Have you got a tip for easy removing of glitter polishes from nails? I heard that using felt instead of cotton pads should make it easier, but I did not try this out yet. Have you?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Topshop Jewellery Haul

In one of my recent posts I mentioned how I liked this season's Topshop jewellery. I liked a couple of pieces so much that I ended up ordering them. The success was only partial this time. I ordered seven pieces, but two of them found their way back to the store, especially because their quality was not what I expected it to be.

This pink/gold/grey/rhinestone collar is pretty and quite well made according to my humble opinion. It might look heavy, but since it's all plastic, it's very lightweight, so it won't cause me  neck pain after a day on :). It looks like a pink version of something from a toolbox, which makes it pretty in my eyes - sharp shapes in sweet colours :).
This gold and rhinestone chain bracelet also looks heavier than it is. It definitely has something to do with the quality of these jewellery pieces generally, because the parts that look like metal are in majority made of plastic. Having said that, I like the bracelet and I am tempted to get a matching necklace.
These earrings remind me of chainsaw. I was drawn to them because of the rose gold and edgy shape. I don't think I own anything else that makes me look so tough and dangerous as these earrings do :D.
This green and gold stone and spike chain bracelet is one of the sturdier pieces from my Topshop jewellery haul. The downside - I have worn it once so far and I already had to fix the chain in one place. Other than that, just avoid unaware and too wild gestures around your face...;).
This set of silver, yellow gold and rose gold spike and rhinestone bracelets belongs to a kind of a basic "equipment" in the bracelet world (if there was something like a bracelet world:). The one thing that needs to be said at this point is, that I took this picture after reducing their size (except for the rhinestone one), because they were just too big for my wrists and I think this kind of bracelets look better when not dangling along the whole underarm. (BTW, the set is on sale now.)
Let's get to the disappointment pieces from my purchase. They were two and both are already on their way back to the store. I only managed to take a picture of one of them - namely this rhinestone and spike bracelet. I was quite excited about this piece when placing my order - the bracelet looked very sturdy, well made and like "a piece of something". I don't want to say that it wasn't quite good looking, but the quality of the bracelet disappointed me, especially for its price of 46€. I very much liked the neon yellow colour combined with spikes and rhinestones, but as you can see in the picture, three of the spikes were already broken upon arrival (number 3 and 7 in the upper row, number 7 in the lower row) and I don't think that the part of the bracelet on the left side (low - a spike, up - no spike) would look very carefully made. Another thing that wasn't quite as I'd like to have it - it was just too loose around my wrist and for such a heavy piece of jewellery, it didn't look good or feel very wearable. If you like it anyway, it's on sale now :)!

That would be it for today. I just can't risk writing another paragraph of this post, because it might begin with the word "this" or "these" again and that would be just one too many in my honest opinion ;).

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Quick Tip: Eyebrows

I have never over-plucked my eyebrows, but they have always been on the rather spare side. I keep filling them in as long as my memory can reach and I am playing with the idea of getting them "fixed" with permanent make-up. 

Since I have always needed to help them a bit (or more:) to look the way I want them to, I tried everything from brow pencils to powder colours and this is probably the most efficient way to get the look I want.

You need:
* matte eye-shadow or eyebrow powder in the colour of your eyebrows
* angled brow brush
* liquid make-up fixer
* eyebrow pencil (optional)

The trick to get this look (or its more subtle versions) is the "wet part" of the process. Since my eyebrows are very thin (to nonexistent) on their outer corners, I first make a couple of strokes with a brow pencil there. This is not necessary, if you have at least some hairs on the whole eyebrow line. 

Next, wet the brow brush with make-up fixer. It can be water as well, but I use a make-up fixer to make the look more permanent. Get the eyebrow powder on the wet brush (it can be a matte eye-shadow as well) and fill your eyebrows in with short brush strokes. The colour will adhere also to the penciled part of your brow.

If you want the look to be less intense, you can first get rid of some amount of the powder by painting on your hand prior to filling in your eyebrows. I like my eyebrows to be quite strong-looking right now, so I skip this step.

And voilĂ , that's it :).

Any good tips to get perfectly looking eyebrows (aside from being born with them:)?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

What I Wore: Skulls for Girls

It's fun to get a piece of clothing for oneself in a kids' department of a store. When you are not a kid. Otherwise it might not be so fun, because if you were a kid that could be quite an ordinary situation :).

Anyhow, that's how I came to this double-layered blouse in Lindex. It is a black top/white blouse with skulls for girls, but since the sizes go up to 170 (my piece is 158/164(cm)), they are pretty wearable for adults too :). 

This blouse has a high-low hemline, so it covers my butt, which I need, because  I still need about 6 to 8 weeks to get to my pre-pregnancy weight (and clothes :).

The shoes. I've got them in Zara weeks ago. I think that anything that is black and studded goes pretty much with everything :). It might not be completely the case of these shoes, because of their ethnic look and white colour mixed into the black and studded neutrality, but I still think they are very universally wearable. 

OK, that's about it today :).

Do you ever get anything for yourself in a store's kids department?

 Lindex Kids double-layered blouse with sculls
white trousers (no brand)
H&M sunglasses
I Am earrings
bracelet (I have no idea:)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Essie and Sally Hansen - Pastels and Glitters

A feel-good manicure - pastels and glitters:

Candy pink: Essie Lovie Dovie
- I don't love the consistency, but two layers give a nice opaque look
Pale blue: Sally Hansen Brrezy Blue (#481)
- this nail polish needs at least three to four layers to look its best, but the consistency makes it easy to apply
Gold Glitters: Sally Hansen Golden Rule (#121)
- very pretty delicate glitters - the look below was achieved with two layers.

What more to say. Go and get yourself an ice cream coloured manicure :).

See you soon :).

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What I Wore: Blue and White Paisley

After the rain yesterday, the weather was finally showing its sunny face today, so I felt the urge to wear something fresh and Spring-appropriate. I have got this blue and white tunic just about three days ago - it was a very I-need-to-get-this moment I had while shopping for grocery at a Tesco store, where the F&F clothing brand can be found. 

The tunic is made of a very feels-great-against-body viscose and I think that together with this amazing print it looks more expensive than it actually was (17€). I've got a jacket with a very similar print from Zara this season - these pieces had to be inspired by some of the Roberto Cavalli ones from 2013 collections. 
 Roberto Cavalli 2013 (here, here and here)
Anyway, this is how I wore the blue and white paisley tunic today. I still fight with the weight I accumulated during my pregnancy, but because I have already lost a half of the pounds that I need to shed altogether, I am beginning to feel like "me" again :). Yay for that and the sunny day today :).

Zara orange blazer
F&F blue and white paisley tunic
white trousers (no brand)
Zara flats
Accessorize bag
H&M bracelet
F&F earrings

    See you soon :).

Friday, 7 June 2013

Dune Suede and Leather Wedge Trainers

The reasons to wear wedge trainers:
1) you like to wear high heels, but
2) you like comfortable shoes and possibly, but not necessarily
3) you like to wear the latest trends.
As I was in my late teens and early twenties, I barely ever wore flat shoes. I was a complete high heels fan and there was a time when my only pair of trainers were a 1997 version of black and white wedge trainers (no, the wedge trainer is not this year's invention :) and I wouldn't have worn a classic trainer outside a gym if my life was dependent on it. Well, maybe if it was a matter of life and death, but that would have been the only reason :).

Fast forward to the present.

I still like wearing high heels, but I feel like the discomfort that they sometimes bring along with them is not aaalways worth it. Whoaaaa, I must be getting old :D. 

The solution - wedge trainers :). They are still (or again) my answer to the need for high heels, comfort and style at the same time.

I've got this pair of Dune wedge trainers from John Lewis online and while I first wanted to get them in the color "tan", they were sold out in my size, so I settled for these grey ones. I wouldn't call it grey though, because they are something between taupe, nude, white coffee and grey, if it makes any sense :). For those who would be interested in them, I found them on the Debenhams website as well.

The first time I wore them I didn't feel like they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. The wedge part was not the problem, but they are not very soft from inside. After a couple of days I still think they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world, but they are stylish high-heeled shoes that are pretty comfortable to walk in and I love wearing them so far. I wear them with jeans, a T-shirt and a blazer or cardigan for a put-together, but still laid-back look.

If you would like to know where to buy a pair that looks awesome, is half that expensive and twice as comfortable as the Dune ones, stay tuned :)...



Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Re-fresh Mint by China Glaze + Metallic Blue by Look by BIPA

Just a quick mani post. After all the glitter nail polishes (here, here and here), from which only the blue one from GOSH was easy to take off, I chose to wear this shiny mint and metallic blue combo. 

Since my nails break very easily, I keep using the Rock Solid clear nail polish from Essie (in at least three layers) and this is the first time after literally years, that my natural nails are this long. So I think this "ultra strength base coat" - as it is desribed on the bottle, is awesome and if you have problems with weak, peeling and constantly breaking nails (like I do), I can highly recommend it.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Colossal Volum' Express Mascara / Smoky Eyes

I don't know what it is with mascaras these days, but it's been months, maybe years now, that I am quite disappointed with their longevity. I used to use the L'oreal Double Extension mascara, but because it is only really usable for about three weeks since its purchase, I became tired of paying around 19€ (that's how much it costs around here) for a mascara every three to four weeks.

From that time on I am on a hunt for a great mascara that I won't have to change every couple of weeks or wouldn't force me to dish out 20€ for a drugstore one. The one mascara I have been using lately is "Big & Beautiful False Lash Look Volume Mascara" and I am quite happy with it (and I keep repurchasing it monthly, 'cause that's how long it lasts). Thinking about it, it might deserve its own post :).

The last time I was shopping for a mascara I bought the "Colossal Volum' Express Mascara/Smoky Eyes" from Maybelline. And I am quite loving it since then. The brush is neither too big nor too small, the bristles are not too dense or sparse, so it catches every lash, it doesn't create any major clumps, it doesn't smudge and it's pretty black even though it doesn't look as dark in the tube as it really is.

Recommended :).

Do you have a mascara that you would recommend to get?