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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

I have to say that for some mysterious reason, for the fan of beauty products and make-up in particular I am, I just don't care about lip products much. When I went to high school, I used to wear lipstick and I had a whole bunch of them, but with time I just began to focus on my eyes (make-up-wise). 

The "mysterious reason" might be the fact, that I find it very unpractical to have anything on my lips, because I feel like I need to remember not to smear it all around while talking, touching my face, eating and drinking. Also I am a mum now and my little son Adam gets kissed a lot :D (I can't resist his cuteness, guilty as charged :), so while I don't need to care about my eye make-up throughout the day, I don't like to be bothered with lip colours. 

Having said that, I just went a bit crazy with the last trend - lip balm stains and lacquers and got a big bunch of them. I was inspired by the internet beauty community raving about these products and so I caved in and here is the first part of my lip colour haul - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains. 

I had to order them online (no retailer here around) and so I had a look at many swatches all over the internet to pick the right shades. Eventually I was limited by the variety of colours that were available online (I ordered them from, but I am happy with the colours I've got.

Here are some swatches on my lips:

The colours are pretty rich for something that is called a lip balm stain and what is important (at least for me), the balm part of the product keeps the lips moisturized. My lips tend to get very dry (and that's probably another reason why I don't like to wear any lip products - they are usually drying, no matter what kind of hydration a lipstick promises) and these lip balm stains keep them in quite a good condition. 

These chubby crayons are retractable, so no need to waste the product while sharpening.

I think there is not much more to be said about these than what has already been said all around the internet. The lip balm stains are definitely worth you attention if you are a lip products fan or even if you are not one (like me). But I might be a convert from now on :)...

Until later... :).

Sunday, 28 July 2013

July 2013 Favorites: Beauty Products

Without any unnecessary commentary, here are my July 2013 most used and favorite beauty products. Some of these have a chance to make it onto my can't-live-without list :):

Dermacol Caviar Long Stay Make-up and Corrector - from the whole bunch, I am probably most excited about this product. Dermacol is a Czech cosmetics brand and I did not pay much attention to it so far, but the truth is, that any product I have ever used from them has never disappointed me. I have got this foundation (with a corrector placed under its lid) about a month ago and I LOVE it. It covers very nicely, stays in place pretty long even in high temperatures and gives a beautifully non-shiny complexion. It costs around 13€, which is a complete bargain, especially in this quality. It has very quickly become one of my very favorite foundations, if not the favorite one... The down side - it only comes in four shades, but I was lucky enough that one of them is a perfect match for my skin tone.

Dermacol Lift & Matt Day Cream - I use this as a cream and primer in one. It has a nice smooth texture, evens out the skin texture and I think it helps the foundation to stay put and without any unwanted shine. It also promises to moisturize skin with first signs of aging, but I especially use it to achieve a better base for my foundation.

Dermacol Aqua Beauty - this is a moisturizing gel cream and it works really well. I use it often in place of the Origins GinZing cream (among my June 2013 favorites) I have got recently, because I feel like the results they deliver are very similar, but I don't want to go through the Origins one too quickly, since it's not easily available where I live.

Dermacol Aroma Ritual shower gels and body lotions - I just LOVE the smell of these. These are pistachio, black cherry and Belgian chocolate with orange and I want to eat them every time I take a shower. Every shower gel has got its beautifully smelling body lotion counterpart. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser/Body Conditioner for dry skin - this is a genius product for such a lazy person as me, because I just can't bring myself to use a body lotion after every shower, but my skin is rather on the dry side, so I definitely should. I use it after using a regular shower gel while still in the shower, rinse off and that's it. The skin is instantly moisturized with no stickiness like after some body lotions and I will repurchase this over and over, because it's the only way to bring me to use body lotion on a regular basis. If you dicede to get it as well, go for the bigger (400 ml) size, because it is used up quite quickly.

Schwarzkopf got2b Schmusekatze Anti-Frizz Hairspray (a.k.a. Smooth Operator Smoothing Hairspray) - I used to use the anti-frizz lotion with the same name, which was one of my favorite hair lotions and I stumbled upon a matching hairspray a couple of months ago. Even though I like to use the famous L'oreal Paris Elnett hairspray, I have tried this one out and I think it's very much on a par with the Elnett hairspray. I even prefer to use the Schwarzkopf right now. It is not as sticky as most of the hairsprays and it's quite easily brushed out from hair.

Schwarzkopf got2b Öl-la-la Styling Oil Spray (a.k.a. Oil-licious Dry Oil Hair-taming Mist) - the producers has probably heard me moaning about all the access oil I am able to get into my hair when pouring it from a bottle into my hand and than trying to distribute it somehow into my hair, so here is a spray version of a hair oil, thank-you-very-much. The misty texture is fine enough to let you spray just a small amount of the oil on the hair, so you don't end up with gross-looking shiny hair with no volume whatsoever.
GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen (in black and purple) - I could really kick myself for not using this brand's products more often. I use their waterproof Velvet Touch Eye Liners religiously, but I have never paid much attention to some of their other products. Which is a mistake, because these eyeliners with sharp felt tips are pretty easy to use (even though I don't find them as intense on the eyes as when swatched on a hand) and are able to paint a nice sharp line. I am using another GOSH product right now (needs some more testing :) and it might end up on my August favorites list.

Schwarzkopf Schauma Cotton Fresh dry shampoo - I have been recently using this dry shampoo most often from all the dry shampoos I have. It's nicely fresh and it doesn't come out as white as the majority of dry shampoos. It probably won't beat my favorite Batiste XXL Volume, but this one is easy to get here  (unlike the Batiste one) and it does the job. So I am going through the second bottle right now...

If you have any July favorite beauty products you would be willing to recommend or share, please let me know in the comments.

Until next time... :).

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Colourful Summer

I usually like to have my beach essentials and other summer-related stuff in quite muted tones (brown, navy blue, white, turquoise, gold) and navy theme, but this summer I've got myself a couple of make-me-feel-good colourful pieces (except for the Kindle, which is in my possession since February:) and I love them. They truly make me think of sun and fun only by looking at them.
stripey beach towel 20€ (Calzedonia)
 fuchsia rubber bag 20€ (Carpisa)
neon yellow infinity scarf 7€ (C&A)
 mint sunglasses 8€ (C&A)
 mint watch 10€ (Tchibo)
neon green rubber wallets 4,5€/5,5€ (Carpisa)

Have you got any pretty summery stuff that will remind you of summer even long after winter's arrival?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

On My Nails: Catrice Green and Blues

This is a fun manicure reminding me of summer - sea, pools and palm trees. The nail polishes I used are all from Catrice, namely:
- ACid DC (810) - green,
- Blue Cara Ciao (400) - blue,
- Pool Party at Night (410) - dark blue.

These nail polishes cost under 3€ a piece and give a nicely opaque finish. The acid green shade is slightly pearly, the blues have no shimmer whatsoever and are really shiny. 

Blue and green nail polishes are not for everyone, they can look a bit tacky when worn in the wrong place or time, but since nail polish is removable, I think it would be a shame not to have fun with it from time to time ;)!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

What I Wore: Beaded Blouse, Metallic Trainers and a Sock Bun

I have a confession to make. I really don't enjoy washing my hair. Not because I'd be a kind of a dirty person, but my hair has become so long in the meantime, that it's no fun to spend all this time caring just for hair! So, the sock bun and I, we are the best of friends, because this easy and messy updo can give me one more day without the washing+conditioning+combing+drying+products-applying saga :)... 

If you by any chance don't know how to make a sock bun, take a look here. (I have not discovered this tutorial at Tiffany's channel, but I just have no idea in whose blog I saw it first, so I am using a link to her video for a reference.) It's eeeeasy :).

And this is what the (messy) sock bun and I wore today :):
Zara blouse with beaded cuffs
H&M white tank top
jeans (no name)
Gina (Ernsting's Family) rose gold ring
H&M sunglasses
H&M crossbody bag
H&M ikat-patterned scarf
earring of Bohemian origin bought in Portugal (the result of globalisation... :)

Let me tell you a couple of words about these trainers from ASOS. What attracted me most about them when I first saw them on the ASOS website was that they looked like they were pale rose with rose gold metallic parts. The description on the website said "nude", but I still thought that the metallic parts looked a bit rose gold (my favorite metal colour of the moment), so I studied the pictures and video on the ASOS site until I couldn't differentiate nude from pink anymore :) and came to the conclusion, that the trainers were nude, but ordered them anyway (that's what the returns policy is for, right :)? As they arrived, I liked them (they really are nude, but the metallic parts look very rose gold-y especially in the daylight), but they were quite uncomfortable on my feet. After a couple of days I just told myself, what the heck, they are a keeper and waited for the right weather to come, so that I could actually wear them outside.

Hmm, the first day I had them on was not a pleasurable experience at all - they felt very hard and inflexible and after a couple of hours on, I was more than happy to shake them off. Today was my second attempt to break them in a bit and I have to say, we came along much better than the first time around and I actually quite enjoyed wearing them. The downside of these trainers - the metallic parts (the toe part to be precise) show marks of wear very quickly - the places, where the material bends, remain visible, as you can also see in the picture above. Other than that, the shoes are really cute and look nice even with some dressier (read: not just strictly sporty) clothes.

Now, that's it. How much more can you say about a pair of trainers... :)?

One more detail picture of a sock bun day (not today:):
Have a great weekend :)!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Essie - Rock the Boat (Summer 2013 Collection)

This nail polish colour, poetically named "Rock the Boat", is on the Essie website described as "shimmering french blue". It is the one colour that I bought from the summer 2013 Essie collection, even though I could happily live with "Naughty Nautical" as well :). The colours from this collection have a subtle shimmer in them, which is visible in the bottle, but not as much on the nails - you can tell it's there only when looking at your nails in the direct sun.

This shade of blue, which is quite close to lilac, is wearable also for those, who are not big fans of blue on nails.

It's been three days since I applied it and it is still chip-free, so quality-wise it is getting two thumbs up from moi (you know, since the blue is allegedly french ;).

... and a couple of pictures to prove the awesomeness of the colour :):